Photos: MTN Officer Murdered By Married Lover In Ilorin Kwara State

mtn employee murdered lover ilorin

May 1st, 2016 – Pictures: MTN Staff, Customer Care Officer Stabbed To Death By Married Lover, University Lecturer In Ilorin Kwara State

Check out more photos of Oluwatosin Ashinwo, a CSR rep with MTN stabbed to death by her man friend in Ilorin Kwara State.

The suspect identified as 45-year-old Engineer David Ogundele, a staff of a private university in Ilorin is still on the run.

engineer david ogundele

The suspect also attacked Tosin’s mother.

The deceased reportedly called it quit with Ogundele when she discovered that he was married with two kids.

It was gathered that David, a married man, had found Tosin’s decision to quit the relationship and settle down with another man unacceptable, having discovered that he had no future with the suspect. It was gathered that Tosin’s mother, who was aware of the relationship, had actually come to Ilorin to mediate between her daughter and the lover.

The ‘engineer’ was said to have dashed to the kitchen at the heat of their argument and allegedly brought out a knife with which he attacked the two women.

“When he was stabbing her, she was shouting ‘Don’t kill me Engineer David. Don’t kill me, Engineer David. You already have two kids,’ one of the neighbours said.

The neighbour argued that the man must have become angry that Tosin would still refuse his marriage intention after he had allegedly invested so much on her. Unconfirmed reports said he actually bought the car Tosin drove until her death, but the deceased was also described as a very hardworking lady who used to sell cloths in her spare time.

mtn csr rep murdered lover ilorinThe deceased

Tosin’s mother was said to have managed to crawl towards the door while still raising alarm for help after their attacker had left the house.

She showed people the picture of the man and asked them to help but it was too late because he had driven away.

16 thoughts on “Photos: MTN Officer Murdered By Married Lover In Ilorin Kwara State

  1. The way people take others life for granted this days is really alarming. How much can you invest in the life of somebody that will make you think that you have become the sole owner of their life/ves?

    Even if you you built her an Estate, bought her a private Jet and open a whole Market for her still hasn‘t given you the bonafide right to take her life at will bcos you did not create it.

    My prayer for the fleeing Engineer is that, may the spirit of the decease lady, whom would have been another man‘s wife, not give him rest both day and night untill nemesis will catch up with him.

    D Hunter.

  2. If by merely reading this, I fell this bad, what depth of grief do we think that holds this family by now? I pray that that brute doesn’t go far. If he is looking for a second wife, why didn’t he locate one of our nollywood celebrities who do not take that as a big deal? I can’t just imagine his pain. People breathe lies like air these days, lovers of themselves only.

    I plead with ladies once again, know the kind of man you have before you accept even a recharge card from him. Men are investors that hate losing. I wonder if that deceased lady was just realising that her man was already married, or did she know all the while but sat put in the dead-end relationship for just the fun? Maybe she had never imagined that the man would ever come up with talks of marrying her. It is always more risky to date a married man than his single counterpart. But sadly, that is what most ladies prefer. They say married men are more caring.

  3. Looking at this idiotic face definitely you will see evil lurking behind those eyes. If you so much love her that you can not live without her why not take your own life also instead of running away? Coward!

  4. This is barbaric! If one says no another will say yes. You have taken a life you can’t create. This is sad. Rip my beautiful lady.

  5. This relationship wahala it’s really getting out of hands these days. to marry na by force.Rip to the dead

  6. I’m sure you woke up after you realized you cannot get away with your dastardly crime. Well, you can run but you cannot hide so give yourself up as sooner or later you’ll be held to account for the life you have taken.

  7. This is out of order Mr killer you can only run but you can’t hide as people say yu are completely nuisance coward barbaric man at any rate yu will be cut and you can’t escape it you will receive the same penalty death where ever you your life is not safe I mean it once you are cut you are dead 4 real.

  8. Nigerian law need some serious amendment. It is very common now that people take other people’s life without remorse or think about law reprisal. The only solution to these social menace is to make our laws stronger. I hate when people think they can kill and get away with it. Stupid boy.

  9. is it by force to marry a girl dat says no, pls they should fine that idiot of a guy and let judgement prevail.

  10. May her soul RIP. As for that beggar, he shouldn’t have deceived the lady like that. He should have told her he’s married from the onset and if the lady still wants the relationship and end up a second wife, she will agree with you. Now that you have murdered her, you will rot in jail deceiver.

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