Photos: Murdered Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Buried..Brother, Killer Arrested Today

Qandeel Baloch buried

July 17, 2016 – Murdered Pakistani Model, Qandeel Baloch’s Brother Arrested For Honour Killing, Suspect Reveals Why He Killed Her

Waseem Baloch, the younger brother of Instagram sensation, Qandeel Baloch who was murdered at her family house in Multan over the weekend has been arrested.

Waseem told police after his arrest today that he drugged and strangled his sister for dishonouring her family name with risque videos and statements she posted on the social media.

On how he killed her, Waseem said:

“She was on the ground floor while our parents were asleep on the roof top. It was around 10:45 pm when I gave her a tablet… and then killed her. “She wasn’t aware I was killing her. I am not embarrassed at all over what I did.

Waseem fled to a nearby city with two of his friends the moment he murdered his sister.

Police are currently looking for the evil friends who joined Waseem to murder his elder sister.

The deceased was laid to rest near her family home today in Pakistan.

See photos of Qandeel Baloch’s killer below

Qandeel Baloch killer arrested

See photos and video from her burial

Qandeel Baloch burial

20 thoughts on “Photos: Murdered Pakistani Model Qandeel Baloch Buried..Brother, Killer Arrested Today

  1. All in the name of family honour you terminated her life! The heart if man is full of wickedness. This idiot is a hardened criminal he’s not remorseful at all. I would have suggested an eye for an eye judgement if not for an the mother.

  2. This should ultimately wake up the country to take drastic harsh law against senseless killings like this including so called “honor killing”. If he’s “ashamed” by what her sister was doing, why not table the issue with family.

    Well, he is going to be in trouble eternal for this even though if he get capital punishment. He took her life without a just cause.

  3. People are no more afraid of killing their fellow again. Family honour indeed! Are you perfect yourself? I hope you rot in jail

    • @hate Islam

      Stop hatting for the sake of humanity!

      Honor killings has nothing to do with religion but is part of a social issue that is deeply rooted in the eastern happens among Christian minorities in Arab countries as well as among the Sikh community in India and among their respective immigrant communities in the West.They appear to be non-existent in some Muslim-dominate countries, such as Oman, and less frequent in others, such as Algeria and Tunisia; in most of these places public opinion remains much more conservative when it comes to gender equality and sexual liberalization. Do you know that even in the bible honor killing is sanctioned here:-

      “For every one that curseth his father or his mother shall be surely put to death: he hath cursed his father or his mother; his blood shall be upon him.”
      (Leviticus 20:9)

      “And the daughter of any priest, if she profane herself by playing the whore, she profaneth her father: she shall be burnt with fire.”
      (Lev 21:9)

      “And he that curseth his father, or his mother, shall surely be put to death.
      (Exodus 21:17)

      These clearly sanctions honor killing, but the people that give us the religion know that in this day and age it is barbaric to carry out such dictat and so they have put into their laws certain edits that prohibits such acts.

      Every religion has its own peculiarity and one should be carefull not to inflame others in an attempt to claim moral high ground.

      Please enlighten yourself and don’t let your religion cloud your judgement(fanaticism).

      For your ownsake and sake of Nigeria please stop hating!

      “hatered eats the soul of the hater not the hated”
      A H Sommer

      • Dont mind him,. He’s uneducated and uninformed. If “honor killing” is sanctioned by Islam, every Muslim would do it. Bigotry is eating the dude faster than federal express.

  4. Honor Killing? Hogwash!!! Is it an honor to kill your blood relation or any other person? Is it an honor to make your mother cry over the loss of her child and cry over you the evil murderer of your sibling who by your action plunged the family into grief and perpetual stigmatization?
    If it is an honor to kill the young lady, why are all those other devout looking men of the same religion shown in the picture gathered to PRAY over her body before interment or whatever mode used in disposing of same, and why the huge crowd doing her the honor at the burial if she was so dishonorable?
    Yor murderer are the shame of the family you profess to defend and may you live forever otherwise eternal shame on you!!!
    RIP to the dead.

  5. I am assuring you that nothing will happen to that man. The police apprehending and showing him on the media is just a show. Nothing more will happen. The pakistani government think they can deceive the international community with their cheap lies. To my very knowledge,I’ve being following this story of so called honor killings since 2008 and I have never seen any justice done to any man involve in such killings. whereas there have being report of killings and beheadings by their government in other crimes committed by individuals. The problem is that pakistani government are only condoning this evil act. They’ve not made a law criminalising this unjust act because they believe any girl acting in such an indecent manner in the society bringing shame to their family and society at large deserve not to live. And that is why punishing such offender will thousands of years away.

  6. Dis guy needs to be taught a lesson, I think he must be sick upstairs, hw can u kill ur blood sister. He must be on some kind of drugs.
    Why did he run away if he is so sure of what he has done, coward.
    What as her death now brought him. He should be strangled just as he did to her. RIP Qandeel.

  7. These **** fools won’t stop being idiots. I hate that religion with passion and I know many of them do. They can’t leave for the fear of being slaughtered like rams.

  8. Amanda, what a hypocriticl girl you are? When it was posted that your beloved demonic possessed brothers attacked a peaceful procession of Christian faithfuls in their Church in ABJ just a few days ago, where went you?

    Did you travel to medina where the devil probably missed its ****** as it killed many last year who foolishly went to stone the unseen and at the end of the day, they became the victims?

    I expect you to come out and condemn the attack on the Chritians in ABJ but “NO“. You wouldn‘t do such a thing cos that would have made you un-muslim.
    I did not also see that (Aturu) sheep, that simply called himself “M“
    As a matter of fact, no MALO came up to condemn the attack rather, you all chose to remain silent which in other words, meant you all concured. *****
    So what are you saying here now? Who even ask for your ******* concerning this matter?

    I take a stroll…

    • Is this fair now @naijagists?

      Why not cancel out D Hunter’s post since it is not related to this topic?.

      Well, @ Hunter, maybe missed it. You may do yourself a favor and back search this website where i commented on it. Also, when article about Wole Soyinka’s proposal for recommending punishment for corrupt politicians, I made reference to the subject you brought up here about Abuja incident. Matter fact, i posted that the allegation might not be true that she was killed by muslim.

      The problem with naijagists is that they do not allow links. Otherwise i could have posted a link from another site where i commented on the subject and your fellow christian was causing trouble over it. Another christian faulted official report on the incident and i posted it on this site but naijagists removed it. So help yourself man

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