Photos: Ngozi Nwosu Rocks Birthday Party With Friends

ngozi nwosu

Nov 8, 2015 – Pictures: Ngozi Nwosu Rocks Birthday Party With Friends

Check out latest photos of Nollywood actress Ngozi Nwosu.

The veretan actress was spotted few days ago at the birthday of a friend


8 thoughts on “Photos: Ngozi Nwosu Rocks Birthday Party With Friends

  1. Mercy remember you will be old some day. for a woman who almost died a few years back she looks very good and healthy. so be careful of the things u say

  2. This is the time to get close to God my dear sister. God saved your life for a purpose. Now you have a second chance to declare the works of the Lord who intervened in your situation and healed you. God will perfect whatever is left but you need to cleave unto him. Affliction will never come a second time. Enough of partying and worldly celebrations. Hide yourself in the blood of Jesus and let Him alone be your confidant.

    • Yes my brother. Nice comment. For God to have Healed of her disease, it’s of the Lord mercy. Hence, the remaining of her suppose to be used & spent mainly for her saviour not partying and frivolity. Because no time to waste any longer.

  3. @this moment in her life when she need to get closer to her saviour who out of mercy redeemed her life untimely death. I pray God will help her……

  4. What a fake world we live in. When Ngozi was dying before the amiable Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola came to her rescue where were all these free loaders.
    Aunty Ngozi, be careful they are not your REAL friends.

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