Photos: Nigerian Billionaire Emeka Offor Buries Father With N10Million Golden Casket

emeka offor buries father N10million golden casket

November 19, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Billionaire Chief Emeka Offor Buries Father With N10Million Golden Casket

Yesterday, Anambra state born oil Billionaire, Chief Emeka Offor buried his late father in his hometown of Oraifite in Anambra.

The funeral service which held at an Anglican Church in the area was graced by politicians, traditional rulers and dignitaries from all over Nigeria.

According to family sources, Pa Offor was laid to rest in a customized golden casket which worth well over N10million.

emeka offor N10million golden casketChief Emeka Offor, Ekweremadu

Here are the official photos from the burial ceremony

13 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Billionaire Emeka Offor Buries Father With N10Million Golden Casket

  1. Even if he likes let him bury his father with 10trillion naira will that make the man to wake or not to rust, evident of those who knows how to waste money but don’t know how to help the needy

  2. This is why aboki is wise pass away many pipul. Aboki can not posibul to be bury for this golded thing. Aboki is only posibul to be bury for mat bicos he is know say persin weyris die is dust wey he is return to. Rastaman is also wise like aboki. I be rasta man. I can not posibulment of bury in this golded thing also. Is iluminati to Ekweremmadu and Flavour bicos Flavour can not posibulment of music without Emeka Offor.

  3. Rich Nigerians that cannot help the poor will always be a bastard. To hell with your 10million casket. Where people are out there at that same burial ceremony can’t afford 3 meal a day.

  4. African metality, means all members of his family are rich besides will casket take the corpse heaven or prevent body not to rusted, NO
    our people should please stop expose poor nigerian to crime cause some people may gang-up and ensume it, at the end of the day will charge them of which if this token to him but big to other will saves or makes some people rich.
    Money lavisher are senseless.

  5. its not all about African, Europe Asia or US mentality rather it is a choice, we should change the way we reason sometimes. he bought a golden casket worth million of naira to bury his father should arouse slamming of all kind. go US,ASIA,EUROPE you’ll see people who bury their love one with real Gold caskets.

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