Photos: Nigerian Comedienne Princess Damilola Adekoya Dating White Man?

comedian princess white guy

August 24, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Comedienne Princess Damilola Dating White Man?

Check out who comic star Princess Damilola Adekoya met yesterday at an event that held in Atlanta Georgia.

The funny woman told her fans the Oyinbo man is her boo..

Check out how she captioned the photo

“Chilling with my baby, isn’t he cute”.

He is not bad looking at all. Cute couple **wink**

6 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Comedienne Princess Damilola Adekoya Dating White Man?

  1. She probably might be up to another mischief, comedy runs in her public attitude always so its difficult to believe this is not another gimmick of comedy scene. Are Nigerians surprised she got married for just 30 days and packed bag and baggage out of her marrital home, announced the divorce to the world like she was on comedy stage.? The white guy standing by her is not even amused by all her antics anyway.

  2. bezo if i get pressing iron, i go use iron that your mouth for you….when u dey use take yeah rubbish

  3. Was she actually married?
    Has she really left her husband?
    What is the problem with all this celebrities?
    Is it a crime to be in the entertainment industry?
    May God help our celebrities.
    They should stop mimicking the western continent.

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