Photos: Nigerian Doctor Commits Suicide In Lagos, Luth Surgeon Hestianna Thomas Jumps To Her Death

luth surgeon suicide

Oct 21, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Doctor Commits Suicide In Lagos, Female Luth Surgeon Hestianna Thomas Jumps To Her Death

Dr Hestianna Thomas, a female Surgeon at LUTH took her own life on the 15th of October 2015.

Contrary to her rumoured domestic abuse death, the family members of the deceased said she killed herself on the 15th of October after several failed suicide attempts.

She was rushed to LUTH in Idi Araba with a deep cut on the skull after she reportedly jumped to her death from the second floor of her building.

Hestianna Thomas

Her family members who are very aware of her depression battle have reached out to support her husband and two children.

Hestianna Thomas

Hear what a source said about the suicide:

The victim came to LUTH in a pool of blood with a nylon bag over her head, face smashed in, chest and arms fractured. Husband told us she had a history of depression and suicidal attempts. I heard that she jumped off the second floor. I spoke with her unit members, it seems it’s confirmed that it’s a suicide, the family reached out in support to the husband and confirmed the previous history of depression and won’t be taking anything up.”

What could have forced a promising young doctor to take her own life???

May her soul rest in peace.

20 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Doctor Commits Suicide In Lagos, Luth Surgeon Hestianna Thomas Jumps To Her Death

  1. If you peel beneath the onions you will certainly find the answer to the reason of this lady’s depression.
    The answer lies with her family i.e husband…. The question is what led to her depressive state?
    We might never know the truth if the family don’t speak out since the lady in question is dead.
    May her soul rest in perfect peace.

  2. It is psychological problem,if they had taken her to psychiatric hospital it wouldn’t have resulted in this. May her rest in peace

  3. I have suffered from depression now for years. Everyday is a struggle. I have tried to commit suicide three times.But each time ,the thought of leaving my kids motherless held me back. People don’t know how difficult it is to try and live a normal life. My condolences to the family. You are at peace now Hestianna. Please if you are suffering from this disease ,yes disease (its a mental illness) please talk to someone , go for long walks, focus on something or someone you love to keep you going. See a good doctor.

  4. No No No, something is wrong somewhere, honestly how can she do that? I believe she was going through matrimonial problems.

    The husband should be interrogated for further findings. He obviously knows the truth behind the death of his late wife.

    Cheat the unwise not me.

  5. Reasons
    1. Husband demanding too much money to fund his lifestyle or to use to help his own family members.That’s is why I will not allow my daughters to marry any of our Naija men.
    2. Husband may be cheating and may not be able to satisfy her sexually
    3. Work pressure and been a mum. All these education a woman’s place is meant for child bearing and to be in kitchen not all these education.
    4. her own financial family pressure. If one not strong these African families can ruin one financially

  6. They are quick to write she suffered from depression why did the husband not take her to church for prayers. Only strong men of God could have deliver her. Well she is gone for ever. My pity goes to the children. Trust men he will go get married to another woman. Only God will rescue those children from the new wife.

    • Grace you seem to ”really” ”really” know this cause of this woman’s & her family’s misfortune based on ur 6points & futher comments..all i can say is may u never really have to understand wot could have led to this espcially understanding this situation personally..because you no.1 point alone tells alot about your orientation

  7. When the untold stories happend, the story become imaginable. She will never rest in peace, she most give account to God for taking her life no matter depression she is face. Except she is been remoted by enternal forces to dies such way.

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