Photos: Nigerian Graduate, NYSC Corper Built Drones, Critics Say It’s Made In China


nigerian built drones

Dec 16, 2014 – Pictures: Drone Allegedly Built By NYSC Corper Likely Bought Online

Nigerian Student, NYSC Corper Built Surveillance Drones, Critics Say It’s Made In China

The story making round in Nigeria is that of an NYSC Corper, Olaolu Ayoola who claimed he built a drone from scratch.

From the look of things, the guy might have succeeded in fooling Nigerians because the drone in question looks like a finished product and not like the ones made from raw materials.

Here is what critics are saying about Ayoola’s invention:

The drone in question is a finished product with remote control and not a prototype because the specifications of the drone – duration, altitude is the same with what you have in the market, the package came from China, he should show us his workshop. I am tired of people going to China to get a customized product and confuse the masses as their inventions.

For the records, there are companies selling drone assembly kits online, they will send you the instruction manual to assemble it yourself. It’s likely one of those.

Another critic said:

“I just dey laugh here Ooo my brother, drone full stores here for my neighborhood yafum,yafum… My question to the smart corper boy is simple, how and where did he get his raw materials from to manufacture his drones components ?
A basic chines made toy drone in Chinese stores costs less than $100 US, so why’s this fool of a coper fooling Nigerians back home ?”

nysc corper built dronesAyoola with his drone

Hear what Ayoola said about his invention:

“This type of drone, if fully developed, can be used by farmers. You can deploy it to fly round a farm of about 20 hectares and you will monitor what is going on.

“It can also be used to monitor traffic situation and flooded areas. I spent over N20,000 to build it, but I can do something with a bigger capacity and which will stay for hours on air if fund is available.”

A fellow corper said jokingly that his brothers or sisters overseas might have sent it to him as a Christmas gift…Hahaha Nigerians!!!.