Photos: Nigerian Igbo King Prince Jeff Ejike, The Eze Ndigbo 1 Of UAE Shows Of Palace In Dubai

prince jeff ejike king dubai

April 7, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Igbo King Prince Jeff Ejike, The Eze Ndigbo 1 Of UAE Shows Of Palace In Dubai

Meet a Nigerian man from Enugu State, who is also an artist.

Prince Jeff Ejike aka FJ De King is the happening man in Dubai presently.

He was recently crowned  the Igwe Agugbaola, the Eze Ndi Igbo 1 Of the UAE.

Though he doesn’t have a traditional palace like we have in Nigeria, he has turned his office into a traditional palace with the best artifacts brought from Egypt.

Prince Jeff Ejike is also a multi-talented artiste, who deals in gold, precious stones and Swarovski items. He is a designer/costumier and hugely into the pimping of cars.

They call him a King with an attitude because anywhere you see him, people must notice him.

eze ndigbo 1 dubai uae

I hear he is an expert in getting ‘tibitibi’ for dignitaries in the UAE…. lips sealed.

Check him out….

24 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Igbo King Prince Jeff Ejike, The Eze Ndigbo 1 Of UAE Shows Of Palace In Dubai

  1. Jeff is a crack cocaine addict. He is the crowned Agu Gba Ola 1 of Ogu Kingdom.
    We call him attitude master here.
    niagists do u believe jeff has 80 wives useless hiv career

      • Metu Nyetu you no be strong man sef. Odinary 80 womens na it make you to asking waist no de pain am? Are you knows how many womens wey I am do to? They are reach many o. And waist has no pain me bicos I am dey strong like horse.

  2. This guy doesn’t look nor dress like a typical Igbo chief or Eze. To me, his appearance looks like that of a cultists. Look at those chains on his neck, and those many rings in his fingers. But sometimes look could be misleading and inaccurate. But Nigerians living in UAE will definitely know ttue character of Prince Jeff Ejike better.

  3. Whatever, he is living large. And for that, I am happy for him since he is not representing Nigeria there as an armed robber, a rapist, a ritualist, a frudster etc…

    I take to my stroll hunting….

  4. he looks like a confra ,im sure he must be a confra strong man,
    why not potray us to be at least decent,even see the arabs wey take picture with you,dem dress normal.
    no worry you don forget say na desert una dey o,dubai na desert,small time wen dem don tire for you,dem go plant drug say you be drug lord.
    smh for nigerians wey feel say na to dey buy many bottles of beer dey shout for club/beer palor ,wen white man enter your case ehn,you go hail

    all of places,na dubai wey be say dem no get joy at all,esp wen u be from naija.

  5. Its amazing the comical level at which these lost and confused **** of South Eastern Nigeria are taking their bizzare Kingship to. Is it surprising they claim to be descendants of Isralites whose history epitomized one of a lost race until a parcel of land was forcefully carved for a resettlement in the early 1900s and backed by a fury of violence with the support of the powerful nations of the West. The trend of establishing an Eze Indigbo traditional territory in foreign lands where they are supposed to be strangers or visitors is becoming increasingly intolerable. If other traditions outside the Nigerian jurisdictional territory are ignorant of what an Eze Indigbo stands for; same brazen violation and usurpation of the law should not be visited on any other Nigerian territory, either than the East where the Nigerian laws gives protections to an Eze Indigbo without questions. The history of Nigerian civil war is replete and well documented therefore; Nigerians should not be pushed into another civil war by any tribes’ insatiable taste for useless Kingdom Crowns that adds nothing to human development. Would it not have been better served if the wasteful energy and vague Eze contestations are directed at developing and empowering the millions of marauding migrant youth of the East caught in most heinous crimes everywhere in Nigeria and across the entire West African countries and beyond.? Lessons are better learnt by experiences of history. To be fore warned is to be fore armed.

  6. Did I just read dat comment on “he’s got swags”????, I prayyyy oooo,even Charly boy nd derenle gadge pass dis guy,to me he looks like money miss road,hanging gold here nd there all over is body,smshwessss,d guy abi prince for just dey swallow d gold make we know say na him like gold pass!!!!

  7. King Jeff, may you live long, but could you please use some of the money you always lavish on yourself to help the needy around you and the ones afar. It will do you good.

  8. why won’t Pple appreciate good tins for once i don’t know why somebody will be dieing in jealousy of another man’s wealth.appreciate good so dat u will see good.LONG LIVE UR HIGHNESS

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