Photos: Nigerian Man Buries Mother With Hummer Jeep As Burial Casket

nigerian man buries mother hummer jeep

Dec 2nd, 2014 – Burial Pictures: Nigerian Man, Enugu Billionaire Buries Mother In Hummer Jeep As Coffin

The photos currently going viral on the social media is that of a Nigerian billionaire based in Enugu who recently buried his mother using a Hummer Jeep.
The money bag used a brand new hummer jeep instead of the traditional casket to bury his mother.

He also splashed the hummer jeep with over 10,000 dollars.

See another photo from the bizarre burial style below:

nigerian man hummer jeep burial

Hope the woman enjoyed her son’s money when she was alive.

Na wa o… Too much money dey worry person.

63 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Man Buries Mother With Hummer Jeep As Burial Casket

  1. I dnt believe this insanity.hw can a sane man try such. if you think that this trash is real,pls specify which part of Enugu the incidence occured and the full name of the perpetrator cos am in Enugu and have never heared abt this.for those of you posting unverified facts in the social media there by tarnishing the image of this country(Enugu)the wrath of God will soon catch up with you.

  2. Nigerians don’t read sha, people have said it’s a film, yet some others are cussing and spewing spit over a man who only existed in a film.

  3. The man needs to be probed on the source of his money. Automatically he did not sweat for the money. FiRS to investigate how much tax he pays.

  4. Ok, it’s a movie. What kind of nonsense movie is that? Please my fellow country men we need to address certain movies properly. Our movies should help to teach us how advaadvance in our technology, health and welth of the nation. Not some rubbish irrelevant things like death, rituals and more. Let’s take a look at the White man’s movies. Its all about a better future advancement in all aspects of their lives and more. We need to let go of the dark ages.

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