Photos: Nigerian Man Paid To Stage Miracle Dies Inside Coffin Before Reaching Crusade Ground

abuja trader dies inside coffin

November 24, 2016 – Pictures: Abuja Trader Paid To Play Dead By Fake Abuja Pastor Dies Inside Coffin Before Reaching Crusade Ground

An Abuja-based trader paid to stage a fake miracle has met his untimely death.

Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor, the founder of Firehouse Church located in Nyanya area of Abuja reportedly paid the unidentified trader 0.5million to stage a fake miracle.

However, the trader died inside his coffin while he was being taken to the crusade ground where the miracle was to be staged.

The now deceased trader was to pretend that he was a dead man and the pastor will then raise him up from the dead in front of a live audience during a crusade in Abuja but on getting to the crusade ground, they discovered that the trader had died.

abuja trader paid to stage miracle

His wife quickly reportedly the case to Police in Nyanya after which Prophet Esezobor was arrested.

Sadly, the suspect regained freedom through the help of influential friends in the Nigerian Police Force.

Meanwhile, some zealous members of Bishop Esezobor’s church claimed that the man had already died before he was brought to the miracle ground while the family members of the deceased insisted that he was paid to stage the fake miracle.

See photos of the suspect, Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor below

Bishop Emmanuel Esezobor

End time pastors!

18 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Man Paid To Stage Miracle Dies Inside Coffin Before Reaching Crusade Ground

  1. He was paid to lay curse on himself. Interesting now he is not around to enjoy the money. What sort of business is this? Terrible. How on earth did they even think of this? Where did they have such idea from? Can the pastor come perform the real miracle now to raise him up from dead.

    May his soul rest in peace and may God help his wife to bear the lost. May God protect his family. How will the family spend this money wisely? Really sad.


  2. the pastor should be able to wake him up haha i have said it many times all pastors are MONEY GRABBERS efcc should investigate all of them

  3. My Nigerian people will never seize to amaze me with their mindset and how they believe these con men known as Pastor. Why are these people trying to imitate Jesus when they actually are not? Jesus was actually sent to come and do that not to deceive people. This could have been a big plus for this fakepastor if he had succeeded because worshippers will then be trooping in to seek miracle where there is none.

    You can still have church without staging a miracle but because all these fake pastors realized people only believe in instant miracle, they took that advantage to make money of the impoverished people. Why are we looking for a miracle? I think when it is time for God to make miracle in our lives everybody will see it and testify that truly this is miracle from God.

    Folks, do not let people exploit you by using religion trick. They usually lying to you to sow a seed while pocketing that money. God has not burden any soul beyond his/her capacity. You don’t have to pay any tithe if you are in financial distress and whenever you want to make your tithe you can make a donation to homeless, motherless people or any humanitarian organization that can make use of the money for the poor.

  4. The man is a fool JUST for the sake of money.. Shay is our president foul nd is new policies.
    An if this is true the pastor should be arrested nd jail

  5. Hmmm, only a greedy man will take that offer. Its a pity, the fool died. End time pastors your secrets shallnt be covered.

  6. He shud as well rot in hell,can u trick God?Some of the reasons i don’t like the pentecostal system of worship.Pls let the govt take down the church and gt the pastor arrested immediately.This is how they would be deceiving gullible nigerians with fake miracles.People no longer worship God but their pastors & their wives.Daddy said…Mummy said this & dat.

  7. Fake pastors and self aclaimed prophets everywhere. No one to trust anymore. All these efforts is mainly targeted at getting more members that will in turn bring in more Tithes and offerings.

    As for the foolish dead man, he got what he really desired.
    Just pity his family though.

    I take a stroll…

  8. Why will a created being try God because of money
    1 Timothy 6:10
    For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

    He is now in hell leaving behind his family.

    A wife that supports her husband in evil should bear the shame and sorrow while here on earth.

  9. Well, how does one hold one’s breath so long to as appear to be dead?
    If you look at someone closely you will detect at least some movement.

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