Photos: Nigerian Man Plays Dead, Wakes Up To Propose To Girlfriend

nigerian plays dead proposes girlfriend

November 19, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Man Plays Dead, Wakes Up To Propose To His Girlfriend

Naija Guy Stages Car Accident Scene, Rises Up To Propose To His Girlfriend

With the help of some experts, the guy pictured in yellow shirt above staged an accident scene just to catch the attention of passersby.

He was seen in the pool of his own blood by the road side as if he had died in an accident.

His girlfriend of over 8 years was brought to the scene to mourn him.

The young lady in red was seen crying, shaking and calling him to wake up when he suddenly rises from the floor and proposes to her.

The lady was so emotional that she didn’t bother about the rolling camera and the calm people at the scene of the staged accident.

See photos and video from the scene of the surprise proposal below

Ladies what would you do if you were in this lady’s shoes?

14 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Man Plays Dead, Wakes Up To Propose To Girlfriend

  1. This is a nonsens thing. Is s mumu thing. If your girl friend was faint and die bicos she was a thinker of say you are die orijinal, wetin are you for do? Soja man or army man is sopos to flog this man hondred lashis make he lern. It be like say na that woman wey de supply igbo to Hillary Clinton is also supply igbo to this man. Nonsens. His girl friend no fine sef. She be like blom blom wey barney blow when childrens are do party.

  2. Lol It’s funny but not funny at thesame time cos d lady could get high bp or what if she were asthmatic of course she would av gotten d attack. Abeg bros na deadly proposal b that o, pray it shouldn’t happen real life cos after acting a bad drama d pastor always pray for d cast Lmao

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