Photos: Nigerian Pastor Carries Baby On His Back While Preaching In Atlanta Georgia

nigerian pastor carries baby back preaching

May 17, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Pastor Carries Baby On His Back While Preaching In Atlanta Georgia

A Nigerian Pastor-based in Atlanta Georgia Addison Adamu strapped a little girl said to be his daughter on his back as he preaches during a healing conference last week.

Pastor Adamu told his Facebook fans he had a lot of fun preaching and babysitting while healing the sick at the event.

In his words:

‘Having awesome time during Ephphatha conference:babysitting, preaching and healing the sick at the same time. what an awesome time to love on little kids Jesus so love dearly.”

Check out more photos below

pastor addison adamunigerian pastor backs baby atlanta

Naija for show. We no dey carry last..

19 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Pastor Carries Baby On His Back While Preaching In Atlanta Georgia

  1. This a photo stunt, so nobody both men and women in the congregation to attend the child while his is given sermon. Everyone just seeking lime light by all means. Humm Black race!

  2. I have no issues with him, if he can multi task. He should try something else, to gain more audience.

  3. Nawao!
    Well i can call dis a creative scene lol..
    only him and God knows d best.
    nice post

  4. Ademu, are you a herbalist? that’s probably what your spiritual power told you to do. doing good thing at the wrong time and for the wrong reason is deceit and sin. You want to tell us you quarreled with your wife and she forced the baby on you. How old is that baby? how many times have you carried her before this 3rd year looking. Fool them not us

  5. Where is the child’s mother? Is she not part of the congregation? I agree it is a “seeking for notice” move by the pastor.

  6. It’s not a big deal for him to strap his baby on his back, probably baby sitter call out, or who knows he might be a single parent, or better still he wanted cheap publicity.
    He owns a big church around Stone Mountain area, he was a former muslim that converted to christian, people say he is powerful. Men baby sit their kids in the US while their wives work. If you feel it’s cheaper to do it yourself, instead of paying baby sitter, and the wife is well paid than the husband, it is very possible.

    • This is not a good enough excuse for this drama! Is there no children’s department in the church or better still, not one single worker in the church to help him out even if his wife is indisposed? God’s work is a serious business NOT a SHOW business.

  7. God bless this pastor, finally a real man #Nigerian wey no send. So mature he no send lame pull downs. He works by grace not like that Igbo around palmwine ancestor zuga zuga corner for village. See as the papa and daughter look alike, nice. This is how father should be proud of their daughters and sons equally.

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