Photos: Nigerian Pastor Rev Ben Eragbai Preaches From Range Rover Roof Top In Lagos

Rev Ben Eragbai range rover evangelism

December 25, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Pastor Rev Ben Eragbai Evangelizes Using Range Rover Roof Top On The Streets Of Lagos

Check out the founder of Lagos-based Divine Appointment Ministry flexing on the top of his brand new range rover jeep as he takes the gospel of the Lord Jesus to the streets of Lagos earlier this week.

Rev Ben Eragbai, an alleged prosperity preacher who founded the church based at Onipanu area of Lagos was called out on the social media by critics for using Range Rover while Jesus rode the donkey to preach the gospel.

His supporters were quick to say, the donkey Jesus used in his day is equivalent to the expensive Range Rover Rev. Ben Eragbai used for evangelism.

See what he wrote on his official FB page shortly after the evangelism;

Here are more photos from Rev Eragbai Range Rover Rooftop evangelism 

14 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Pastor Rev Ben Eragbai Preaches From Range Rover Roof Top In Lagos

  1. Pastor, if you use your Range Rover to preach to me, I go born again. To be born again is not dey easy o. You are stop to follow womens and stop to play wayo and stop to fight or have jelosing. You are also stop to lie. But is born again stopping to smoke igbo? Nothing is strong with igbo, abi? Pastor, is igbo a sin thing? I am ask upon to you bicos it can’t posibul to be easy of stopping igbo.

  2. There was no authomobile during Jesus time. He would have rode one in propagating the Kingdom of His father.

    The Donkey He once rode on His triumphant entry into Jerusalem has, never been ridden by any before Him. Which then was a great honour just like riding a Range Rover today evangelising.

    The only thing I believe Jesus is not likely to do that many pastors are doing today is… To over emphasis one Truth at the expense of the other. Like preaching about prosperity only, without talking about virtures like Holiness, Kindness, Love, Compassion for others etc…
    To Whom It May Cconcern.

    I take a stroll…

  3. Nigerians, what a funny lot! look at so many able bodied being lead sheepishly just so someone can ride range rover.They will obstruct highways and make noise up and down disturbing the peace in the neighborhoods. i just pity the younger generation that are being exposed to this type of con.
    How can we move forward like this?

  4. Business as usual. I don’t even know if some of these self acclaimed pastors got their revelation from God or they are just forcing themselves to spread this gospel.

    Is this man doing this to attract customers for his business? you must be real under God’s instruction before you can go on this mission. It is unfortunate that people can go to the extreme of doing different kind of things to put an end to poverty in Nigeria but do they have to go through pretending and cajoling people in order to live comfortable in this world.

  5. Christ been no get a dime joor. Even the donkey he rode on, na borrow them borrow am. So wetin dx people dey here dey deceive others for

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