Photos: Nigerian Policeman Caught Taking Bribe From White Man

nigerian policemen bribe foreigner

Nov 26, 2015 – Pictures: Nigerian Police Officer Caught Collecting Bribe From Foreigner 

Check out one of our men in uniform collecting bribe from a foreigner.

A Twitter user @ 2Adekunle (Ismaila Adekunle) shared these photos on the social media few hours ago.

Naija policemen are too corrupt…. How can the country progress with corrupt officials like this…. #shameful 

6 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Policeman Caught Taking Bribe From White Man

  1. This is mumu talk, somebody just snapped pics of a policeman and a white man standing together and opening wallet, as that shown is taking bribe. Pls let’s be reasonable here.

  2. pls you shld stop this insult on our country. Does that uniform look like a Nigerian police uniform? does that environment look like Nigeria? May God punish whoever that posted that image just to tarnish the image of Nigeria. Dat uniform is a security uniform abroad.

  3. The police van they show in this picture does not look like nigerian police van and d picture does not show that bribe is been taken from d white man it will be better if d video that show d incident and d conversation they are having can be shared once again this people should know dat not all nigerian police are evil or corrupt.

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