Photos: Nigerian Tortured, Beaten To Death By South African Police


January 23, 2016 – Pictures: Nigerian Tortured, Beaten To Death By South African Police

A Nigerian man simply identified as Victor was arrested in South Africa today over allegations of drugs possession and expired passport.

In another case of police brutality in South Africa, he was severely tortured and beaten to coma.

The criminals in uniform later dragged the Nigerian guy to their station in Kempton where he reportedly died of internal bleeding.

Nigerians stormed Kempton Police Station today demanding for justice.

Friends of the deceased said he was tortured to the point of death.

To cover up their mess, the police alleged that the Nigerian man died of drug overdose.

nigerian beaten to death south african police

Mere looking at the man, one can sense he was tortured.

This is not the first time South African police will do this to a Nigerian

Below is a similar case that was caught on camera earlier this year

Why are Nigerians treated like animals in South Africa?

This act of intolerance is becoming unbearable.

RIP to the deceased.