Photos: Elijah Oyefeso, Nigerian University Dropout Turned Stock Millionaire Reveals Wealth Secrets


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January 5, 2016 – Pictures: Elijah Oyefeso, Nigerian University Dropout Turned Stock Market Millionaire, Online Trader Reveals Wealth Secrets

Meet 21-year-old University drop out who is now a millionaire online stock trader.

Elijah Oyefeso claims he now makes between £20,000 and £30,000 in a month.

He lives in a £5,000-a-month flat and owns fleets of super cars in his garage.

Elijah Oyefeso just purchased a brand new Mercedes GTS that cost a whopping £125,000.

In an exclusive chat with Daily Mail, Elijah said he dropped out of the University of Buckingham and used his student loan to start investing in the stock market.

He said within 9 months he has started making tens of thousands of pounds.

On a good month, Elijah makes £40,000.

He is planning to build a house for his mother in Nigeria.