Photos: NTA Star Times Manager Dre Burnt To Death In Generator Fire Explosion In Minna Niger State

nta star times manager dies minna niger state

Oct 20, 2016 – Pictures: NTA StarTimes Manager Dre Dies In Generator Fire Explosion In Minna Niger State.. RIP Damilare Oladapo

35-year-old Oladapo Damilare Oluwafeyisan lost his battle hours after a generator exploded at his home in Minna Niger state.

According to his fiancee, the deceased popularly called Dre was helping a neigbhour switch off a faulty generator on Sunday the Oct 16 when the generator suddenly exploded spreading fire all over his body.

He suffered excruciating pain for hours before he passed away on Monday the 17th of October.

His mourning fiancee Tope Makinde said the fire engulfed all his body except his face but sadly no doctor was present at General Hospital Minna to attend to him.

The deceased was looking forward to his wedding scheduled to hold in May 2017 when death suddenly came knocking.

May his soul rest in peace.

10 thoughts on “Photos: NTA Star Times Manager Dre Burnt To Death In Generator Fire Explosion In Minna Niger State

  1. Guys, don’t you think it is time to put an end to this generator thing. All these avoidable death can be stopped if our we can do the right thing. Around the globe, it is only in Nigeria that people still rely on Generator to generate power. Even if our government decides to do this, some unpatriotic people will go behind to hamper that plan just because they want to make millions.

    I don’t understand how people feel when they see their Country going down and underdeveloped. Can I call them enemy of progress?. The same set of people usually travel around the globe, spend their fortune and embrace how others embellish their Countries. As soon as they are back home, they never think about how to replicate this in their country as if they have been cursed.

  2. Rest in perfect peace brother, god will console his family and replace another gentle religious man for his fiance.

  3. @Jilo U just said it all,d God of Nigeria has failed it citizens woefully but yet Nigerians still reply on him but I don’t.

  4. This is a shame of a decaying nation where hospitals are built with no qualified doctors, no electricity, no water supply, no qualified murses, and no medical equipment to safe precious lives. This is what corruption, mismanagement, embezzlement, and looting have turned Nigeria to a failed state. Those that have imposed unnecessary hardship on the masses and rendered our beloved nation useless will not escape God divine judgements. That man and so many precious lives wouldn’t have died due to generator manufuction and dangerous fume if Nigeria has constant supply of electricity. This is a shame of a nation.

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