Photos: Oge Okoye Features In Chinese Movie With Yvonne Chai Saung Wang

oge okoye chinese movie

July 15, 2016  – Pictures: Oge Okoye Features In Short Chinese Movie With Yvonne Chai Saung Wang

Nollywood actress Oge Okoye recently featured in a short Chinese movie with popular Chinese actress Yvonne Chai Wang.

The actress took to the social media yesterday to tell fans about the project.

See photos from the scene of the untitled movie below

oge okoye chinese movie

We hope she impresses fans with her Chinese movie debut.

13 thoughts on “Photos: Oge Okoye Features In Chinese Movie With Yvonne Chai Saung Wang

  1. This is stepping up for her. Herself having that chinese looks on her face makes it suitable. But can she speak that their “chin chon“ type of languge?

    I take a stroll…

  2. OGE, better to stay with them as you fit in properly. I have always noticed this your china face. that makes you more international. good for you as you have to learn to speak Chinese.

  3. I thought my eyes were diceiving me before, now that the chinese has confirmed it themselve i am no longer in doubt She belongs to chinese her mother knows better

  4. Good one my sister, honestly, this is another level and a new dimension for any Nollywood actress. I’m very proud of you Oge Okoye. Keep it up jare.

  5. ApC!! change!! babe ur own change don come,from hustling to act in naija, to acting in china,that means ur level don change,u r now international actress.congrate.

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