Obanikoro’s Wife Arrested In Ikoyi Lagos By DSS While Preparing To Return To The US

obanikoro wife arrested dss

July 15, 2016 – DSS Arrests Obanikoro’s Wife In Ikoyi Lagos While Preparing To Return To The US

The wife of ex-Defence Minister Musiliu Obanikoro has been arrested by officials of the Department of State Security Services.

Alhaja Morufat Onikoro was picked up in front of her husband’s home in Ikoyi Lagos yesterday while she was getting ready to return to the United States.

The politician wife who fled Nigeria to the US with her husband in June 2015 was allowed to return home by the EFCC on Thursday on condition that she would return today Friday the 15th of July 2016 however, she reportedly fixed up a plan to quickly return to the US the same day she was supposed to return to the agency office to answer questions on her husband’s involvement in the N4.7billion allegedly siphoned from the office of the NSA.

She was picked up by DSS operatives yesterday as she was about to make her way to the airport with some vital documents.

Mrs Obanikoro has been placed on surveillance ever since the anti-corruption agency released her.

Her last move to outsmart the agency forced DSS to arrest her with the hope that her husband who is currently hiding in the United States will return home to face questioning.

A source said she will be transferred to the EFCC office today for questioning.

14 thoughts on “Obanikoro’s Wife Arrested In Ikoyi Lagos By DSS While Preparing To Return To The US

  1. Where is she fleeing to. You spend it together and u must account for it together
    Madam advice your husband to return home without further delay

  2. So this is the face of the big madam behind that national thief called Obanikoro? Interesting.

    If you have caught the wife, it means you have eqully caught the husband. Let us see how he will continue his asylum in the US after this.
    Gbege dey o…
    We are watching sha.

    I take a stroll…

  3. Someone please clarify something for me.
    These funds and many others were looted while Jonathan was in power. Jonathan himself was alleged to have looted some.
    Question: Why do all these investigations and enquiries exclude Jonathan himself?
    Or is Buhari afraid his successor might also come after him if he goes after his predecessor?

  4. It is wrong to arrest her for her husband’s crime, once of a certain age in life, we’re all answerable to our crime.EFCC should find a way to extraditell the husband, madam is innocent.

  5. I thought foreign countries are supposed to extradite anyone who they find is involved with any criminal act in their country, so what is obanikoro still doing in d US.
    Anyway dis is a case of u eat together u die together, so madam face the music.

    • @Truce extradition is little bit complex than what you think. It involves some processes. Nigeria government must work tirelessly especially Nigeria consulate to secure an extradition. Both Countries must have a strong ties to make it work. If one of them is not fully in support of the extradition, it will take a long time to achieve. For instance if Obanikoro has a dual citizenship I.e Nigerian and American citizenship, he may fight his extradition base on the premise that he will be torture of what they alleged him of. Oyinbo Country is full of law. Obanikoro knew he had skeleton in his wardrobe. Why he is still hiding if he can come forward to clear himself?. If it is true that his wife is caught with vital documents to smuggle out of the Country, then his wife is in problem. Obanikoro you just have to come out of hiding and prove your innocence. After stealing all the money, you are now going up and down. You are confused and don’t know what to do again.

  6. OBANIKORO MUSILIYU YOU ARE WANTED BY EFCC YOU CANNOT ESCAPE THIS I BELIEVE ALL LOOTED MONEY YOU SHARED BETWEEN YOURSELF, FAYOSE, AND OTHERS COME HOME IF YU ARE NOT A COWARD YOUR TENURE OF OFFICE HAS EXPIRED KINDLY COME HOME TO RENEW YOUR PAPER BY FIRE BY FORCE YU MUST RETURNED back home, home sweet home you looted our resources in nigeria and yu ran away on awol before they put yu in a cartoon and package yu back home like a sardine back to nigeria come and face the music and dance it gd luck.

  7. No evil goes unpunished. When you people were enjoying you didn’t remember that a time like this could come. Nonsense

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