Photos: Olurunwa Akanni, Ex NURTW Boss Hires Assassin To Kill Rivals

olorunwa akanni assassin

Feb 17, 2018 – Olurunwa Akanni, Ex NURTW Boss Arrested For Hiring Notorious Assassin Ade Lawyer To Kill Rivals

The wealthiest NURTW boss in Lagos, Alhaji Rafiu Akanni aka Olorunwa was yesterday paraded for murder days after one of his errand boys, notorious hired killer, Adeola Williams aka Ade Lawyer was nabbed in Akure Ondo state.

The suspect who reportedly killed a former NURTW member, Ganiyu Ayinla in Lagos on the 23rd of January 2018 has confessed.

In his confession, he said former NURTW boss, Olorunwa was the one who hired him to kill his rival Azeez Lawal but when he missed his target, Olorunwa refused to pay him the balance.

Ade Lawyer later seized one of Olorunwa’s cars to make up for the balance of the assassination job.

The bubble burst when  police arrested the notorious hired killer for car theft.

It was at this point that he confessed the assassination contract he signed with the former NURTW boss.

Ade Lawyer who showed no remorse released the names of those Olorunwa has hired him to kill in the past and they include Ganiyu Asaro, Babajide Dosumu aka Mados, Salawe and Hamburger.

5 thoughts on “Photos: Olurunwa Akanni, Ex NURTW Boss Hires Assassin To Kill Rivals

  1. What pleasure do they derive from terminating one else’s life? Yet they can’t live forever. The public appreciates the wicked because no one sees each others hearts. This Akanni man, virtually all the Fuji musicians keep singing and praising him, not knowing he his a wicked soul! As for you, Adeola,everyday for the thief one day for the owner! Awon Werey eniyan!

  2. I think this hired assassin guy knew more than he already divulged. I watched this confession on you tube and to be honest with you that guy was telling the truth. I have said it before that the secret of our safety in this country lies within our leaders and those whom we are looking at as our role-model.

    The people that you taught were eminent people in society are the ones committing the most heinous crime in our society. I believe that guy Adeola Williams can shed more light to some high profile political killings around Lagos metropolis. However, I’m afraid those important figures involved in the killings may use their power to suppress this case.

    If this case can be fully prosecuted without any intervention from affluent people, this may be the beginning of our cessation of incessant killing in Nigeria.

    • Exactly, and without question. If, and if only, the heinous crime is properly prosecuted, I can bet it will mark the beginning of the demise of these killer assholes. Adeola knows the truth. This is a Death Sentence Case but give Adeola a Live Sentence on condition he helps the Law Enforcement to get the rests of the killers and those who hires them. Another thing is for the Government to re introduce the Bar Beach Firing Squad and publicize it. In those days, people watching it think twice before taking on crimes. Indeed, there were less crimes then. But what is so scary is not the crime these people committed as barbaric as it is. What is so scary as @Jilo said, is, if Olorunwa could afford to pay a hefty sum to the assassin, the wife of Olorunwa, and friends at NURTW will be able to pay more of that to the corrupt system to seek his release in the middle of the night. Watch the U Tube account of the crime, and you can see the confidence in Olorunwa,s speech.

      • Cupid, if this incidence had occurred in a well organized environment such as United States, the FBI will use this case to crack unsolved assassination case which I believe they will surely magnanimous in victory.
        If this guy is given a good such as life imprisonment in lieu to death penalty, we will get to know who killed Funsho Williams and other unjust political killings.

        Check this out, Olorunwa has been their front man for those Lagos politicians who also hires low profile tout like Adeola Williams to carry out their dastard act. Since this guy has been arrested, these bad people will be pressing buttons to disrupt court proceedings. At the end of the day, this kingpin Olorunwa will walk home as a freeman. This can only happen in a shit hole country like Nigeria. Watching this confession on you tube this guy Olorunwa is acting like they will soon get me off hook.

  3. @Iron bar thank you for that wonderful contribution. The other day Hamburger was killed one prominent politician was mentioned(As….. Bo..) I also believe this guy, he has whole lots to say. I tell you, before you no, nothing will be heard again concerning this case. I weep for my dear country.

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