Photos: Oyinbo Naija Finally Happy As Her Darling Husband Returns Home Today

precious chikwendu fani kayode

July 4, 2016 – Pictures: Oyinbo Naija Finally Happy As Her Darling Husband Returns Home Today

Fani Kayode is now a free man. The ex-Aviation boss was granted N250million bail this morning.

His babymama, Precious Chikwendu is the happiest woman alive as she finally takes her man home after over 3 weeks in EFCC custody.

She was full of smiles today as she returns home with her serial lover man.

12 thoughts on “Photos: Oyinbo Naija Finally Happy As Her Darling Husband Returns Home Today

  1. money a powerful instrument. so they actually release ffk Nigeria my country will justice prevail

  2. N250Million is a big money. Even Nigeria EFCC are thief. What will they be doing with such amount just to bail someone.

  3. So when the influential criminals and looters stole billions of naira, with correct lawyer in our corrupt judiciary system, they will be set free to enjoy their loots. But when a poor man steal a tumbers of yam or a loaf of bread, they can be burned alive or stone to death. These guys are worse than the worse armed robbery robbing on the highways. Why? They are the reasons why our youths are increasingly becoming lawless, joining gangs and armed groups, and while many of our young girls are doing prostitution both home and abroad. The money that were budgeted for sound education, electricity generation, clean water supply, building new roads and bridges, and building and equipping hospitals, and providing adequate security for the citizens were embezzled by these bastards. In those sharia governing northern states, any poor man who steals because of hunger, his hands will be cut off. But Muslims politicians who stole billions of naira of the people’s money like IBB Abudulsalam Abubakar are allowed to enjoy theirs loots because they are rich, influential, and powerful. I know that there is little PMB admistration can do to really punish those that have looted the national treasure to bankruptcy for their own selfish gain, but our judiciary system must be reform. Chelf Ole Barawo Fani Kayode, Raymond Dopesi, Dansuki, Metu, Gov. Fayose, Gov.Peter Odile, and host of other can shamefully become a free man after overwelmngly evidence that they stole the people’s money and thereby, rendering the nation useless, ridicules, unproductive, and underdeveloped. There is God ooooooooooooo!

    • You are very correct May they Lord help us in Nigeria. All these jungle justice should be stopped. What can we say of the big big thieves in might places in Nigeria? They walk free and still intimidate the poor with stolen money

  4. But are you sure this lady is not half-caste? Well she should be happy for re-uniting with her man.

  5. is this how buhari and his boys(efcc) is fighting the so called corruption in nigeria? nawa o, somebody stole 4.5billion,and after cock and bull story in curt room they grant him bail with just 250million,what about 3billion 7hundred and 50million? pls answer me this question buhari and boys(efcc) dat is fightin corruption.

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