Photos: Pastor Adeboye Visits Family Of Murdered Redeemed RCCG Deaconess Eunice Olawale In Abuja

pastor adeboye visit olawale family

July 12, 2016 – Pictures: Pastor Adeboye Visits Family Of Murdered Redeemed RCCG Deaconess Eunice Olawale In Abuja

The General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God worldwide, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye today paid a courtesy visit to the family of slain Abuja preacher, Deaconess Eunice Mojisola Elisha Olawale.

The highly respected man of God prayed for the family of the deceased and the salvation of the soul of Mrs Olawale’s killers

Pastor Adeboye arrived at the residence of the grieving family around 5am today Tuesday July 12th 2016.

See photos and video below..

18 thoughts on “Photos: Pastor Adeboye Visits Family Of Murdered Redeemed RCCG Deaconess Eunice Olawale In Abuja

  1. I am not happy that VP Osibanjo has not done anything, not even said a word about this. Yet this affects him directly because this was a member of his church. What has politics done to his sentience that he seems to have lost feelings? His position as the VP, is it not enough to be used to rigorously search and fish out whoever has a hand in that woman’s death? He is in Abuja. Yet Pastor Adeboye all the way from Lagos reached the bereaved before him. Yes, his wife had been there, but I am not at peace with his own absence and no comment in this issue. I am losing faith in many people these days.

    • His wife has been there, i believe he is as well represented. They are a couple for crying out loud, if you see the wife, you’ve already seen the husband.

    • What has VP Osibanjo absence at the deceased house affect you. His wife has been there which means he was also there.
      Must you make negative comment about people?

  2. Hello Metu Nyetu, but the wife of the vice president-Mrs. Osinbajo was there yesterday grieving with the family of the deceased. We cannot make this horrible tragedy a political issue. Daddy Adeboye also shows up today to console the family of the slain Evangelist and prayed for their healing, closure, and to strengthen their faith in Christ Jesus in such a difficult time for the family. I think is high time that the federal government under the leadership of president Buhari to come up with a tougher penalty(death penalty) through legislation to anyone who kill any innocent Nigerian based on hatred, sentiments, tribalism, and religious. The president must show the Boko Haram terrorists and their supporters fighting for Allah that Nigeria will never be turn to Animal Kingdom where animals with the lowest of the lowest mentality can kill their fellow animals wit out ant consequence. The killing of innocent Nigerian people in the Southeast, Southwest, Southsuoth, and in the Middle Belts by Fulani Herdsmen should also be address as urgent matter of national security. Also, the Niger Delta militants killing the Ikorodu residents in Lagos state should be address. I want to believe that his excellency-president Mohammed Buhari with his team of Service Chiefs and other security agencies are willing and determin to stop blood thirty criminals from killing innocent Nigerian regardless of their religion, tribe, culture, and language. This ritual killings in the name of religion and cattles must stop for the sake of our unity, peace, progress and prosperity. No human being in Nigeria must be kill by animals in human body for practing their religion belief in a circular nation like Nigeria. Shikenah!

  3. With the eye of my mind I can see the angels of God consoling the spirit of Eunice saying “I told you that your children are not going to be destitutes.”

    You made me proud with your fatherly visit, Dady GO.

    What a great honour to die a martyr.
    Farewell, Eunice

    Oga Olawale, the thoughts of many Christians and even non-Christians all over the globe are with. Now, be strong for the Lord and for your children. If it pleases the Lord to allow the soul of your wife to be sent to him at this point in time, who are we to question him.
    BE STRONG!!!

    I can hear heaven say to your wife ” Welcome Faithful Servant.”

  4. I m not cut out for all these show of kindness and gentility on the part of the Christian fold anymore. Cos‘ they mistaken all that for cowardice. I am hurting right now…………!!!

    These philistines, these Amorite, Jebusites, all these Hitites and worshippers of devilish dead dull dumb dirty deaf dark gods must be taught a lesson that no set of people have the monopoly of killing.

    And as a matter of facts, one precious SOUL of a Christian is far much worth than 900 squadrillion souls of these smelly sons of perditions reserved for everlasting Heat.

    These worshippers of Moon and Star gods has just atangonized the world, nature, Heaven, and posterity against themselves by the killing of this innocent woman and making her children motherless and her husband a widower and the Church and relatives, bereaved.
    Enemies of God!


  5. God bless dady GO for this warm visit, I am sure the family will be blessed after his visitation today.
    May God continue to be with d family and help strengten them through this period.

  6. The federal government should commence plans on how to take good care of the children the woman left behind; that i believe is so important. They shouldn’t loose their mother and still be denied opportunity to succeed in life.

  7. @Omokehinde and @Muyi, I acknoledged that his wife had been there in my first comment. But that doesn’t necessarily represent him. The gavity of this situation demands presence in persons and not by representation, or Pst Adeboye could have as well sent his own wife.

  8. May the Almighty YAHWEH comfort and protect the family of the departed saint. As for the Killers, I call on the Police to fish them out and bring them to justice urgently. If they are willing ,they can repent and become preachers in prison while they are being tried. However, justice must be done. These wicked worshipers of blood-sucking devil must not go unpunished. So shall it be in the mighty name of Yahshua The Messiah.

  9. Daddy thank you sir for the visit. Your presence sir, will give succor to the family,and will make them strong. Thank you sir.

  10. Daddy thank you sir for the visit.Your presence will indeed give succor to the family,and will also keep them strong.

  11. I agree with metu…There are some situations that require no representation but representation in person…He sending his wife doesn’t show he cares….G.O would have as well sent his wife too….Anyways,that isn’t the point here…I just pray she makes heaven…Cuz after preaching, being a Christian ,being murdered and she ends in hell…..Hmmmmmm I reserve my
    comment…May she make heaven Amen..Rip

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