Photos: Rita Edmond Injured In Car Accident, Artist Escapes Death On Opebi Bridge Lagos

rita edmond car accident

Jan 18, 2015 – Pictures: Rita Edmond Injured In Car Accident, Upcoming Nigerian Artist Escapes Death On Opebi Bridge Lagos

Upcoming artist, Rita Edmond escaped death by the whisker last week while returning from a function in Lagos.

According to Rita, the car accident happened while she was driving on Opebi Link Bridge in Lagos last Sunday. Her Acura MDX SUV was damaged beyond repair.

She is currently in hospital receiving treatment.

rita edmond damaged car

“The accident happened in a flash on the Opebi Link bridge, Lagos; in a split second it was all over. It happened because I was trying to avoid collision with the vehicle to my left and then things happened so fast. I am more than grateful God kept me alive because the damage on my vehicle cannot be reconciled with the minor injuries I sustained. It’s just God’s mercy that kept and protected me.

“I sustained injuries but I am recover­ing fast. The orthopaedic surgeon says the x-ray result looks unbelievably good and that I’ll recover sooner than I think so I am hoping and praying for a speedy recovery,” Edmond told reporters.

This past Friday another accident involving a trailer happened  at the same place.  See photos…….