Photos: See Tinubu Rocking The Dance Floor As Son, Seyi Tinubu Weds In Italy

tinubu dancing italy

August 10, 2016 – Pictures: See Tinubu Rocking The Dance Floor As Son,  Seyi Tinubu Weds In Italy

See APC National leader Ashiwaju Bola Tinubu displaying some smooth dance moves during his son’s wedding ceremony in Italy.

tinubu dancing son wedding

Ex-VP Atiku Abubakar later joined in the dance to share the priceless moment with him.

13 thoughts on “Photos: See Tinubu Rocking The Dance Floor As Son, Seyi Tinubu Weds In Italy

  1. It be like say na Benin ashawo wey his son is even marry, bicos is them are fulling for Italy. Why was they wenting to Italy when Dubai is dey, America is also dey, even Germini is also follow to dey. But they was going all the way in Italy to marry. Is a thing of ashawo. Even sef it dey for the name. If you want to say Ashiwaju, you fit changing your mind and say ashawo, bicos the two both of the name is a haver of ash. So if you say ash, you are add am iwaju or awo. Any one you like.

  2. this corrupt bastard stole a lot of money when he was governor of lagos state and he is still stealing, all his kids are already billionaires weather we like it or not we all should tell him and his son plus their wedding to fuck off

  3. Where is the mother of the boy? It is a shame, when your mum is not invited to your wedding because she is poor after all she carried your pregnancy for nine months. God will expose all of you one day

  4. This pictures Did not tok at italy, not possible to have nigeria muba police in italy and the building is Ikeja. Check background well

  5. @Bench, mind yourself o! If I’m diagnosed with “Uncontrllable Laughter” do you know who I will blame? Ash, ash, ash . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha h HAHAHa !!!

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