Photos: South African Pastor Penuel Locks Church Member Inside Deep Freezer For 5 Minutes

south african pastor locks church member inside freezer

June 28, 2016 – Pictures: South African Prophet Penuel Locks Church Member Inside Deep Freezer For 5 Minutes

This past Sunday, highly controversial Pastor Penuel Mnguni ordered one of his church members to sleep inside a deep freezer for five minutes.

While trying to prove that he has faith, Penuel ordered the lady to wake up from sleep.

When she stepped out of the freezer, the pastor asked the lady covered in ice what was happening.

The lady shaking as a result of the freezing cold said the deep freezer was very hot on her body and that she didn’t feel any coldness of the ice..

How can a lady shaking as a result of the freezing ice claim she’s very hot?

Why blame Penuel and not the gullible people who allowed themselves to be deceived in this manner.

11 thoughts on “Photos: South African Pastor Penuel Locks Church Member Inside Deep Freezer For 5 Minutes

  1. In time past magicians used to be in the market place to display their abracadabra. But these days hardly could you see any magician in the market place. Reason? Because the devil who is the author of all magic, with his magician agents have found their way into the church, deceiving reckless gullible and unweary souls. Quite unfortunate.

  2. whats really wrong with this pastors,well i can only blame the people,immediately they hear religion they loose their default settings. A factor this so called pastor’s have understood and are using to their benefits jst like our politicians.when will people start seeing things from the perspective of common sense. what has freezing people got to do with their worship.foolish people

  3. Anybody who is after signs and wonders must be deceived. As for me, I do not need a “miracle” in my life again: the miracle of salvation suffices.

  4. Miracle! Miracle! Miracle! Useless sorcerer who practice spiritism. You will be exposed very soon. I don’t just know these madness this days in churches. People are just showing up there magical skills and call themselves pastors? Well you so call pastors can only deceive the desperate and inexperience ones.

  5. She’s trying not to upset her man of God. Eyaaa. Sorry, you are feeling hot and at the same time, covered with ice. I pity who no pity you.

  6. My brethren it’s amazing, all these as a result of desperation, people who seek miracles rather than salvation will always fall into shits like this, but that pastor’s end is near.

  7. God have mercy on your ppl their are worshipping God’s of foreign land guys wake up d
    on’t go to this church’s ….

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