Photos: This Male CK Model With Uterus & Manhood Was Born A Woman

leith ashley as a woman

Oct 8, 2015 – Pictures: This Male Calvin Klein Model With Uterus & Manhood Was Born A Woman

Meet Laith Ashley De La Cruz, a model who was born a woman.

Few years ago, she decided to change her natural image into that of a man.

She did a series of sex and hormone replacement surgeries but in the process, she chose to keep her womb.

Laith Ashley now keeps the identity of a man with an uterus. He now has an eggplant.

Check out Leith Ashley as a woman

Baba God no vex oooo… Hmmmm #lips sealed 

26 thoughts on “Photos: This Male CK Model With Uterus & Manhood Was Born A Woman

  1. Please do not mind all those frustrated whites. I think what they should be doing now is ‘trans cow’. ‘trans goats’ ‘trans chicken’. by that we know they don’t like Gods work on them. They are goats in temporally humans form

    • He already has mercy on His people…if not, you and I (and all of our imperfections) would not be here. Think about it.

  2. I don’t know how she/he will appear before her/his Creator on the last day, because that day will definitely come. God have mercy on human beings.

    • What about women who have mastectomy or hysterectomy? What about people with organ transplants or missing limbs? People take medicines, insulin, hormone replacement for all sorts of purposes. No difference

    • well He is HIS maker, NOT you….so why are you commenting and Judging someone …esp someone you don’t know, and OBVIOUSLY BETTER than you!!

  3. I don’t know what is really wrong with all these transgenders. God made you in a perfect way fit for your purpose and you are telling God He made a mistake making you the way He choose to make you, you decided to complicate your life. Why on this planet earth do you chose to complicate your life? Well sha, you are on your own (OYO empire).

    • Of course you wouldn’t understand because you are NOT transgendered. You have to realize that no one is saying God “made a mistake”….frankly, if that were the case, we ALL would be a reflection of that seeing how we are not by any means perfect. Furthermore, you have people born with both genitalia, mentally retarded, rare mutations, etc…does that mean God made a mistake then? Finally, you actually supported many transgendered individuals points by asking “Why on earth do you choose to complicate your life?” For a transgendered individual, their life is already complicated being “wired” differently than what their external self reflects. Many feel trapped and hate that they have to go through any transition to match who they know they are. You all have to stop thinking so narrow-minded and “black and white.” Maybe one day you’ll learn that nothing in this universe is “black and white.” Get used to it.

      • You are about the only one on here that has the true knowledge and words about religion and imperfections. Why come down on one group but praise the lord for not making things right with other groups like you mentioned in your statement above. I don’t get the human race sometimes. I don’t. Everyone puts everything in GOD and shame you because you don’t seem to be putting everything in him. Before Christ and after there has been gay tendencies. In the animal kingdom there’s male and female transgender. And God is supposed to be the creator of all living creatures so what about animals…do we start to shaming them too, or they do have to stand before God when the time comes?

    • Do you say the same to people who have a leg amputated? Who have a face lift? Get a boob job? Get tattoos? Dye their hair? Heck, what about people who take medicine or have surgery or artificial limbs or organ transplants. People change things all the time. Why is this any different? So someone removes their boobs or gets implants or takes hormones or wears a wig. If you really think about it, it’s no different. People change their bodies every day & no one says anything. That tells me it’s just bigoted, ignorant people that try to discriminate against transgender, esp with religious excuses.

    • Do you say that to women who have plastic surgery? Breast reductions or implants? Face lifts? Nose jobs? How about women who dye their hair. Didn’t your God make them perfect? What about the guy who’s had an organ transplant to stay alive?

    • Are you crazy or idiot? What about dwarfs, people born with cerebral palsy, down syndrome, autism, asparger etc..list is long. Who created them?? They complicate their life or God?? Do you have a brain?

  4. Not in support of Transgender but this is one of those that worked well unlike cartyln abi Bruce abi jenner I’m

    • God has had plenty of mercy on ALL of us…believe me. If not, you would be cut off just as much as I for all of your imperfections.

    • What about women who have mastectomy or hysterectomy? What about people with organ transplants or missing limbs? People take medicines, insulin, hormone replacement for all sorts of purposes. No difference

  5. This has nothing to do with God so stop saying the human race is in crisis. This is a genetic anomaly and the result is a very beautiful individual. If you are as Christian as you want us all to believe you woul be happy this person has a successful career and wish them happiness instead of condemning them.put your own life in order first.

  6. We ask for forgiveness when we sin in Jesus name and Jesus will forgive. God loves all of us. What he doesn’t love is the sin in our lives. Jesus came to save those which are lost and to bring life everlasting. The book of Romans is a book in the bible that speaks of homosexuality as sin and also Sodom and Gomorrah the entire city was destroyed. God was not pleased then and he’s not pleased now. The battle is not against flesh and blood but principalities in high places spirits that dwell on those without the spirit of GOD. Seek Jesus and the truth shall set you free.

  7. The is no fucking god you people are cowards that’s the real truth afraid of death afraid the is nothing when you die so u created a god because you find the alternative to scary and that is that you die that is it I am trans male fuck god fuck u all

  8. I consider myself a transgender as well.. but I am not too lucky financially but I am blessed that I chose to be a parent to my 12 month old child instead. My 12 year girlfriend and I decided to plan for a baby two years ago and thankfully God blessed us with a beautiful baby girl through Reciprocal IVF. In other words I chose to have a baby instead of transitioning to a male. I am 40 years old and I hate the image I see in the mirror, I try to block it and tune into a different channel when I feel hate for my own appearance… is an ugly feeling and it makes me sad that every day I wish I didn’t have breasts and wish to have a male body instead… and that I cannot change that due to financial problems. In the end; ironically the female to male transgender wish they have their own biological child or children; that’s why when I see my baby girl all that negativity and frustrations go away every time she looks at me and gives me the most beautiful smile… My love goes out to all Transfender, keep loving yourself and your accomplishments.

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