Toronto Prostitutes, Matharoo Sisters Using Naija Gist Live To Blackmail Nigerian Politicians Arrested

toronto based prostitutes arrested in lagos

December 27, 2016 – Pictures: Toronto Based Canadian Prostitutes, Matharoo Sisters Using Naija Gist Live Blog To Black & Extort Money From Nigerian Politicians Finally Arrested

Two Indian girls who have been using a website called to impersonate our blog have been finally arrested.

The two siblings identified as Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo are the founder of the aforementioned website. It was opened about two years ago to tarnish the image of wealthy Nigerians and politicians by extorting money from them through cyber bullying. They were arrested and detained last week while trying to flee Lagos.

Their last attempt to bully Nigerian oil billionaire Femi Otedola got them into trouble.

Kiran and Jyoti Matharoo claimed that they had video evidence that Otedola cheated on his wife and threatened to expose him if he didn’t settle them.

The sisters who often shuttle between Toronto and Lagos to extort money from Nigerians are now in big trouble.

At a point got threatening emails from about 8 victims of Matharoo cyberbully thinking we are the owner of the website.

All emails sent to the Matharoos were not acknowledged.

The sisters went as far as sleeping with big Nigerian politicians and recording their sex tape secretly to extort millions of Naira from them.

When their attempt to get Femi Otedola failed, police raided their posh apartment in Lekki Lagos where iPads and laptops containing sex tapes of their victims and information about different people were stored.

The Matharoo sisters who often send their victims to in order to confuse them are currently cooling off in Lagos Police detention.

They have been charged with blackmail and extortion.

They are to return to court in January 2017.

The website is a form of gossip mill where they manufacture stories to please their audience.

Jyoti Matharoo

Kiran Matharoo

The duo also worked as prostitutes and escort for big men in Nigeria and across Africa.

15 thoughts on “Toronto Prostitutes, Matharoo Sisters Using Naija Gist Live To Blackmail Nigerian Politicians Arrested

  1. This b**ches know who to f**k with!!!! You try this shit up in Los Angeles or maimi you know what’s poppin!!!! Monkey ass chicken neck b**ches muthafukas

  2. After their jolly time in kirikiri with soaked garri and dry beans.they go sabi hw far..tarnish peoples image,pay the price..chikena

  3. What is the point in saying an act is shameful when the participants of the shameful act are beyond feeling shame? The “victims” and these girls should hide their faces for allowing themselves be associated with the acts in this story!

  4. its good they’re caught…. the girls are entirely wrong even though the so called victims have their own faults. Let justice be served.

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