Photos: Toyin Aimakhu Takes Selfie With President Jonathan During GEJ Till 2019 Campaign Shoot

toyin aimakhu selfie jonathan

Feb 3rd, 2015 – Pictures: Toyin Aimakhu Takes Selfie With President Jonathan During GEJ Till 2019 Campaign Shoot

Nollywood celebrities supporting President Goodluck Jonathan’s second term are currently in Abuja for a campaign shoot aimed at boosting Jonathan’s morale among their fans.

The first part of the shoot was done yesterday with comedians MC Abbey, Bovi, Omababa and AGN President Ibinabo.

Check out more photos from the shoot below:

toyin aimakhu campaign shoot

Since she was announced as Vice President of Actors Guild Of Nigeria, Toyin Aimakhu has been a frequent visitor to Aso rock.

So Oga Jonathan get time for selfie??? Na wa o

12 thoughts on “Photos: Toyin Aimakhu Takes Selfie With President Jonathan During GEJ Till 2019 Campaign Shoot

  1. Even without this pic we all know nollywood ladies are politicians dustbin, that is why someone like Toyin is having miscarriages several time. Ini Edo is one of them followig by Rita and Genevieve

  2. Dese ar d reasonabl celebs we hv in d con3 4 supportin d rt man of d moment. Uuunmaa! I love u all,

    All haters of PDP n lovers of d APC b hapi 2 tk a long drive ****.

  3. In 1999, Obasanjo as the PDP candidate refused to show up for debate and nothing happened.
    In 2003, he also did not show up for any debate
    In 2007, Yaradua, the PDP candidate failed to show up for presidential debate and heaven didnt fall.
    In 2011, Ebele Jonathan PDP candidate saw nothing good in debate though Buhari, Ribadu and Shekarau all made it there.
    Now in 2014, why are the PDP making so much noise over the decision of Buhari not to attend the presidential debate? I beg let Jonathan concentrate on his send forth tour and leave Buhari alone,PDP are just nothing but a brilliant noise makers

  4. Toyin Aimakhu and her useless PDP dogs went to Abuja for prostitution and nothing else,the soo called husband never have a wife but a dog.

    Shame on you Toyin,you must reap the fruit of your greed in Lagos.

  5. Wat is ur own with toyin is it bcos she refuse to join the rest of the ***** actor that are foolishly displaying their foolish talent simply bcos the name a ****man vp keep deceiving ur self supporting buhari bcos that man will never be our president again grow up

  6. For heaven sake why would you call someone’s wife a prostitiute, she is a woman like your mother, your sister and if you are married your wife. Whatever she chooses to do with her body is no business of yours, her husband loves her and trust her it’s not everywoman that sleeps around like the ones in your life.

  7. Toyin u are a disgrace o,d money GEJ gave u can’t last for a year.tink very well about d long term effect of ur action cos not only u will suffer it but ur generations to come will taste out of it… nollywood ladies too lyk money dey dnt care about deir INTEGRITY!

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