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toyin abraham miscarriage Latest News Updates

Toyin Abraham Loses Baby To Miscarriage, Breaks Silence In New Interview

toyin abraham miscarriage

Toyin Abraham Loses Baby To Miscarriage, Breaks Silence In New Interview

Nigerian actress Toyin Abraham has lost a pregnancy.

The mother of one who recently lost her unborn child revealed this in a chat with Ebuka Obi Uchendu, the host of CT’s Rubbin Minds.

According to her, though having one or two more children was part of her plans, but she lost an unborn baby recently.

“They always want you to have a child, obviously yes! I have a stepdaughter and a son. So they keep asking, “When are you going to have another one, When are you going to give birth?”

“It’s not always easy… When the time is right, the pregnancy will stay.

When asked if she plans to have more children, Toyin Abraham replied,

“Yes, I was actually pregnant recently. I lost it, but it’s fine. You know, most times they don’t always know what we are going through.

“When it happened, I cried. I just wanted to have one or two more children and I will be done. Things happened, I was so bloated and everyone kept battering me! Saying ‘look at you! you are too fat! look at your husband! He is young’.

“But they don’t understand, so when they say all these things, guess what, I’m used to it. As an actress, you just have to or else you’d fall into depression.

“Once I see it and if I am not okay with the comments and you keep going, I will just block you. I don’t have time for negative energy,” Toyin Abraham added.


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