Photos: Unhygienic Hospital Where Victims Of Kaduna Blasts Are Receiving Treatment


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July 25, 2014 – Pictures: Survivors Of Kaduna Suicide Bombing Get Courtesy Visit From Governor Mukhtar Yero

Photos: Unhygienic Hospital Where Survivors Of Kaduna Blasts Are Receiving Treatment

The victims of the twin explosions that rocked the city of Kaduna on Wednesday had been taken to various hospitals across the city.

A particular hospital where victims were seen on dirty beds is generating tension among Nigerinas.

Is Kaduna state this poor and what does it take Governor Mukhtar Yero to invest some money for the renovation of these dilapidated hospitals.

See more photos of the survivors lying helpless on the unhygienic hospital floor below:

The same politicians will promise heaven on earth before election and after election, nothing will get done.

Corruption has become the order of the day in this country. God help Nigerians.