Photos: White Family Wears Aso Ebi As Nigerian Lady, Benin Princess Marries Oyinbo Man

white family wears aso ebi nigeria

May 11, 2017 – Photos: Oyinbo Family Wears Aso Ebi As Nigerian Lady, Benin Princess Marries Her White Man Amidst Glitz & Glamour

Check out these beautiful photos from the wedding ceremony of a Benin Princess.

The family of her English groom who came all the way to Nigeria to honour the couple surprised guests as they showed up in their own Aso ebi.

The photos from the elegant wedding ceremony have been going viral on the social media in the past 24 hours.

benin princess marries white man

What a lovely couple! You can see the genuine love they have for each other.

By the way what is the Naija photographer doing on the floor.. #oyinbofever

10 thoughts on “Photos: White Family Wears Aso Ebi As Nigerian Lady, Benin Princess Marries Oyinbo Man

  1. Naijagists!!!! I am rolling on the floor right now lmbao! I was just wondering what the Photographer was doing on the floor and came to the same conclusion of oyinbofever when I saw the Writer’s last sentence.

  2. My dear sister lots of congratulations you must let this marriage be filled with the Glory of God. You are entering into a big new challenging chapter of families, friends and wahala. Be warned listen to this advise and do not do anything fetish example dragging your husband into temple wahala by influence of friends and families. Enjoy your marriage.

    Also do not not let money come at the forefront of this marriage. Let love reign and be very close to God so that you enjoy your future without divorce to the fullest. Dont push him to go look for what he does not have simply because you want to satisfy your families. Whatever you see take and be thankful to Jesus. Cut your coat according to your size and be grateful.

    I tell you this from a sister,s experience. 99% of our girls who married oyibos in Nigeria 20 years ago and above had divorce after moving our of Nigeria. They did not get what was expected and very lazy cannot work hard to make ends meet. Take to this advise so as not to be one of them. Marrying oyibo very good but can be very bad without Christ in it. Thanks

  3. May your marriage be happy, blissfully long and fruitful, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Above all, let the love of Christ dwell richly in you, puting God first in everything you do. Best wishes to the happy couple.

  4. Am proud to be Nigerian and proud to be Edo girl. And ofcourse! am so proud of you sister. May The Almighty God bless your home. #EdocultureRichOoh…beautiful people.

  5. happy married life, God bless your union,this is true love, you can see from their face and all familie who come to the marriage.

  6. it is written that is up to a woman to leave her fathers house and made join to another and become one flesh ….happy marrital home.

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