Photos: Winners Chapel’s Pastor Greatman’s Wife Gives Birth To Twins After 15 Years Of Marriage

winners chapel pastor wife baby 15 years marriage

September 6, 2017 – Photos: Living Faith Church Pastor Greatman Aideloje’s Wife Delivers Twins After 15 Years Of Marriage In Warri Delta State

An associate Pastor of the Living Faith Church in Delta state has received his miracle 15 years after he married his wife.

winners chapel pastor baby warri delta state

Meet Pastor Greatman David Aideloje and his beautiful wife Grace Olumayowa Aideloje. The couple who have been looking up to God for the fruit of the womb since they got married in 2002 recently welcomed a set of twins (girls).

Their testimony is on the verge of replicating itself as many online and offline have started tapping into it.

Here is how the couple shared their testimony on Facebook:

See photos of the adorable bundles of joy below

greatman david aidelojegrace greatman

Whether it came through IVF or natural.miracle na miracle.

May God’s name be forever praised

Congrats to the couple.

9 thoughts on “Photos: Winners Chapel’s Pastor Greatman’s Wife Gives Birth To Twins After 15 Years Of Marriage

  1. Who says God does not answer prayers if we have faith in His ability to completely solve our problems? Congratulations to the elated couple and blessed children, little bundles of joy. How many people have done IVF and it failed? (even if those babies were conceived via IVF). Remember that God gave the Doctors wisdom and skill to perform medical miracles. Michael Jackson died paying money to get ordinary sleep, the Book of Psalms says “He gives sleep to those he loves”. So, even sleep is a gift from God. As we have witnessed the beginning of their lives, we shall not know their ends in Jesus’ name, amen. My Bible verse for you is Isaiah 8 verse 18 – “As for me and the children God has given me, we are for signs and wonders ….. amen. Congratulations. God bless your family.

  2. Praise be to God in the highest and on earth peace to men of good faith. This couple have faith in God; for 15 years they have stayed together in prayer and love and God have answered their prayer. Congratulations to the new parents and God bless you and the little bundles of joy.

  3. That lady from Lafia or wherever who betrayed her husband for the sake of being pregnant must read this.. God will never fail and that child anybody think is by his/her power will definitely turn out to be a nightmare to the parents.
    Congratulations to you guys and may God name be praised

    • You are right @mon. That lady that lady that went and had sex with her husband’s best friend without regret and got pregnant must read this and know that God do come to the aid of those who believe in him.

  4. Congratulations great couple God is really Awesome, He never fails if u trust him wholeheartedly.

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