Photos: Woman Found Dead At Idiroko Road Ota Ogun State, Killers Removed Phone Sim Card


lady dead idiroko road ota

Feb 18, 2015 – Pictures: Young Lady Found Dead At Idiroko Road Ota Ogun State Near Winners Chapel Canaanland, Killers Removed Phone Sim

The lifeless body of an unidentified lady dressed in a black skimpy dress was found along Idiroko road in Ota area of Ogun state early this morning.

According to passerby’s, the lady suspected to be from Rivers State was found in the pool of her own blood half naked.

Good Samaritans who tried to contact her family discovered that her blackberry’s sim card had been removed by those who killed her.

Area residents claimed she’s a stranger to the place and that nobody in the area could relate with her meaning she might have been killed in a far away place and dumped near Canaan land in a bid to tarnish the image of the churches in the area.

Another witness said the lady might have been robbed and thrown out of her car because she looks like a very wealthy person.

Her body was removed around 5pm today and taken to a mortuary in the area.

Some people are very wicked in this part of the world o. Why take a life you can’t create….

Young ladies, please be careful who you go out with.

Sad sad sad… May her soul rest in peace…