Phyno’s 2nd Album: 2face Idibia & Timi Dakolo Hit The Studio [PHOTOS]

phyno second album

April 21, 2016 – Phyno’s 2nd Album: 2face Idibia & Timi Dakolo Hit The Studio [PICTURES]

Popular Igbo rapper Azubuike Chibuzo Nelson aka Phyno is working on his second album.

Phyno is currently in the studio with 2face Idibia and Timi Dakolo to give his sophomore album a big boost.

8 thoughts on “Phyno’s 2nd Album: 2face Idibia & Timi Dakolo Hit The Studio [PHOTOS]

  1. When Timaya said he’s hot like faya(fire), I guess he was only looking for a suitable rhyme. The guys is good, no doubt. Very very good. But Phyno, well, he cannot be hot like fire anymore since somebody else had long taken that title….

    Phyno himself is fire itself.

    • Phyno himsef is fire itsef. Nonsense. Why he Come de open mouth yawn like that? Hungry is wire am o. In fat, make I write poem for him

      I say is Timaya
      Is hot like fire
      But you say Phyno is fire
      But hungry is wire
      Is wire Phyno him jaw don bend
      Who go help am send
      Phyno need help o
      Hungry is holam o
      He put hand for mouth
      Hungry carry am go south
      He wan do test
      Hungry carry am go west
      Tuface carry am go feast
      Hungry carry am go east
      He come vex say he wan comot
      Hungry carry am go north
      He join Boko haram
      They do suya with ram
      They tell am make he de leave his bia bia
      His bia bia is not be like igbo man bia bia
      His bia bia is be like goat bia bia
      Ha boko haram goat bia bia
      Abeg go as you come abeg
      Abeg come as you go abeg
      Abeg pay as you go abeg

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