Final Year, 400L OAU Law Student Commits Suicide; Dipo Ige Kills Himself Over Heartbreak


oau student commits suicide

March 4, 2014 – Photo: Final Year, 400 Level OAU Law Student Commits Suicide: Oladipo Olalekan Ige Kill Himself Over Heartbreak

You must have come across the story of a 400 Level student who committed suicide at Obafemi Awolowo University on Monday, yes the story is true.

My sister is Dipo’s classmate. She told me last night that Dipo’s girlfriend broke his heart last week.

According to her, Oladipo Ige came from a poor family. He met his fiancee at CAC fellowship last year.

After over 8 months of struggle, my sister’s friend called it quit with him.

From what I hear, the lady was the one sponsoring his education since last year but when she told him she was no longer interested in their relationship, Dipo cried.

He even went to some fellowship brothers to help him beg her but she refused.

Not until yesterday when his parents came to campus after they received a sad text message from him and discovered his lifeless body in his room off campus at Asherifa.

His friends described him as a loner who always keep to himself.

Before his death, he was a 400 Level law student at OAU.

The heartbreak with his girlfriend is the major cause of his depression. At a point in time, he threatened my sister’s friend that he was going to kill himself in the lecture room.

By the time they discovered his lifeless body, he was already foaming from the mouth meaning he took poison.

SO SAD!  I really pity him.

When my sister was telling me this last night, I blamed her friend for holding on until his death before exposing the suicide threats.

She should have called his parents or something.

Depression is a tough thing to handle and coupled with heartbreak, it a very serious case.

Suicide is never a solution to a temporary problem….Whoever is experiencing depression should please find someone to confide in.

Meanwhile, his body has been moved to the mortuary.

What a sad way to end it all!