Pictures: Brazilian Man Born With Head Upside Down Turns Inspirational Speaker

man born head upside down

September 1st, 2014 – Photos: Brazilian Man Born With Head Upside Down Turns Inspirational Speaker

A 37-year-old Brazilian man who was born with a rare medical condition (upside-down head) has overcame his fear of public speaking several years after birth.

Despite his rare physical disabilities, Claudio Vieira de Oliveira has graduated from the University and has become an accountant and a public speaker.

He was born with his neck flipped to the back and with badly formed legs,hands and arms.

After his birth, physicians informed his mother to let him die because his chance of survival is so slim but the Monte Santo-born woman refused to let her son die.

Hear what Claudio said in a recent public event:

Since I was a child I’ve always liked to keep myself busy and work – I don’t like to depend totally on other people. I do a bit of accounting, research for clients and consulting. I have learned to turn on the TV, pick up my cell phone, turn on the radio, use the internet, my computer – I do it all by myself.”.

How Claudio Carries out everyday function as a normal human being

He uses his mouth to hold pen and uses his lips to hold computer mouse and phones.

He recently graduated as an accountant from the State University of Feira de Santana.

Hear what his mother said about him:

“People started saying ‘the baby is going to die’ because he could barely breathe when he was born. Some people would say: ‘Don’t feed him, he is already dying’. But there’s only happiness now. Claudio is just like any other person – that’s how he was raised in this house. We never tried to fix him and always wanted him to do the normal things everyone else does. That’s why he is so confident. He is not ashamed of walking around in the street – he sings and he dances.”

On how he dealt with his phobia, hear what Claudio said:

“Nowadays it’s much easier to deal with the public, I’m not afraid of it anymore and I can say that I am a professional, international public speaker and that I receive invitations from all over the world.”

See more photos of the wonder man and his family members below

man with head upside down

If someone like Claudio can overcome his fears, what about people without disability.

He is a very courageous man and kudos to his family members who showed him love.

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  1. my God what an awesome God you are. How is he coping don’t what about neck pain, this is a mystery for sure

  2. With God,all things are possible. God loves all his creations,especially humans. Dis is a proof of dat.

    ‘since he can make it,y can’t I make it?’…daz d kind of question we ought 2 ask ourselves.

  3. Some people can not thank God even after everything God did for them, You are great lord thank you for everything you’ve done .

  4. I am curently passing through hard situation dt made me questn d exisistenc of God. Am a siner, i acknowledged my sins. but i rely on God 2 hav mercy upon me yet tins ar turnin worst. “sad”. Wel nw i can see dt am sily 4 tinkin so. If a man born wit head upside down is tankin God and hapy, y den ar my being stupid 2 questn God? 4gv me God and hav mercy, com an deliver me through Christ our Lord.Amen.

  5. Lord Jehova, grant me grace to always be grateful and give thanks to you always, You Ǎ̜̣̍®ε̲̣̣̣ awesome my God!

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