Police Arrest Davido Manager & Workers As Witness Claims Tagbo Died After A Drinking Game

tagbo died drinking game

October 6, 2017 – Davido Manager & Workers Arrested By Police As Witness Reveals How Tagbo Died After A Drinking Game Sponsored By Davido

Police Arrest Davido Manager & Workers As Witness Comes Forward

Davido honoured the invitation of Lagos Police Commissioner Edgal Imohimi yesterday when he showed up at the command headquarter to state his own version of the murder case.

An insider said just as Davido showed up for questioning, his manager, Asa Asika and workers were arrested by police and whisked to Area A Command in Bariga where they were briefly detained \.

An eyewitness who saw how the deceased died said Tagbo, Davido and others were playing a drinking game when he allegedly passed out.

The source said the drinking game idea started with Davido who promised to give a brand new iPhone 8 and N200,000 Naira to the winner.

Tagbo who was serious about winning the huge prize reportedly overdosed on alcohol and suffered liver damage.

The source however blamed Davido for watching the deceased as he drank himself until he passed out.

“After he passed out, I think…I don’t know what happened…the CCTV showed that Davido was asking him to come into his car but I think they he (Tagbo) didn’t want to enter into Davido’s car, then they forced him into his own car…then there was this blackout. Now they don’t want to tell us how he got to the hospital. That is the question. How did he get to the hospital? Because the police met his car and his body in the hospital with no one” – the eyewitness added

The witness said Davido has a serious case hanging on his neck as many people saw him while ordering his workers to bundle the deceased into his car.

14 thoughts on “Police Arrest Davido Manager & Workers As Witness Claims Tagbo Died After A Drinking Game

  1. to hell with davido, just bcus of wath u have u think of others as animal. u shall reap d fruit of ur deed.

  2. Nigerian police Nawaoo! DAVIDO is the accused person now Manager and Workers been Arrested & detained.
    Why everything in Nigeria always go in awkward directions.

    Not only the politicians destroying Nigeria, law enforcement agencies are involved too..

  3. See very foolish boy! Wasted his life on peer pressure. Died like a rat for cheap iphone & pity money! Low minded baastards!!!

    • You are a novice, say what you know not what you don’t know.Tagbo, is from a rich family and for him to be a friend to David mean he is not like any guy on the street. Cars and cell phone can never be cited as his problems.Ask anyone tat knows him. All this problem will be solve through an autopsy These days never trust anyone

  4. Even if that guy over drunken that night, that should not have have caused immediate liver damage and death in one single night . Unless if he had already had liver problem even with that, it’s going to take a little while and will be showing other symptoms as a sign of liver damage. That liver damaged is not an acceptable excuse. There is more to this than to meet the eye. David’s needs to come out straight as to what happened that night. I’m still not accusing him of his death but, I think he knew more than what has just said.

  5. investigations stil needed to be carried out to get 2 the root of this case. it may b , it may not b davido the culprit.

  6. I think dat mr. Davido has a lot 2 say abt tagboo’s death if not,y d he say dat he is nt at shisha bar nd his escort hilux was captured convoyin d remains of Tagboo to d General Hospital. If Mr. Tagboo’s fiancée can remember if his late guy hz ever complaind to her abt davido’s unfairness 2 him, i think dat d police will b in need of such 4 more/thorough investigations

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