Pope Francis I Bows Down To President Mugabe At Installation Mass

pope francis bows to mugabe

March 21st, 2013 – Pope Francis I Bows To President Robert Mugabe At Installation Mass

New Roman Catholic Pope Francis I was spotted at his installation ceremony on Tuesday March 19 with the highest display of humility ever.

He was spotted bowing down as he greets the President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe at this own inauguration mass.

pope francis bows to mugabe

mugabe and wife at pope francis installation mass

The African dictator who has been under EU (European Union) travel ban since year 2002 over human rights abuse & vote rigging allegations was spotted in the VIP section during the installation mass of Pope Francis I in St Peter’s Square in Rome on Tuesday.

Watch the video below.

Video: Pope Francis I Bowing Down To Mugabe

10 thoughts on “Pope Francis I Bows Down To President Mugabe At Installation Mass

  1. great nigerian religios leaders must learn from this act of humidity,because here the so call Goc see themself as semi God may god

  2. It is either you bow to worship The Lord of the Uni else or you bow to demons of the universe.

    You must bow to something

    You must reference something

    You must serve something

    It’s either left or right

    Goat or sheep

    Chaffs or wheat

    You miss can’t miss both

    So it is not strange that your pope bows to Mugabe.

    • Love, the same good holy book says, “judge thee not so that ye may not be judged”. “Remove the log from thy own eye so that you may be able to see the speck in thy neighbour’s”.

  3. Bowing does nt mean worshiping please most people dnt understand that,the yorubas as we all knw bow to show respect that does nt mean they are worshiping the person. What the pope did iz a sign of humility not minding his position

  4. pastor okoti please you are not GOD neither an angel it is only GOD that has the power to decide where his people will go, so you saying all Catholics are going to hell is very wrong for it is written in the Scripture thou shall not judge one another. please as GOD servant will i believe you are stop humiliating Catholics please for we all worship one GOD.

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