“Prayer Fixed My Broken Galaxy Tablet” – Woman Gives Testimony In Church

god fixed galaxy tablet

December 20, 2013 – “Prayer To God Repaired My Broken Galaxy Tablet” – Woman Gives Testimony At Holy Ghost Service

A one of a kind testimony given by a sister at church is going viral online.

The sister pictured above recently testifies of God’s goodness over her repaired Galaxy tablet.

Read her testimony below:

For over a month, my galaxy machine went bad. Even the company and some expert could not fix it. During the last Holy Ghost service, I placed it on the ground during prayers. To my amazement, we discovered that it is now perfectly okay”

Though skeptics believe this kind of miracle is technically impossible but God specializes in doing the impossible.

Do you believe this testimony?

20 thoughts on ““Prayer Fixed My Broken Galaxy Tablet” – Woman Gives Testimony In Church

  1. hahhahahahahahah this woman made my day. Abeg make I come drop my broken ipad if your prayers can do it, I go dash u free

  2. God is an imposibility possible no doubt but He hasnt finish wokin on His childrn talkles of wokin on useles tins lik ur galaxy wateva… Dia4 ur testimony is arant nonsens.

  3. Instead of you to wish her well that the spirit of God repair her galaxy,so you are talkin rubbish,na wa for una o…

  4. i believe her too much,if God can path the red sea, and send his only son to die for us ,how much less restore a galaxy tab.

  5. abeg wey d church dey mek i cum join. am interested bcos i av 7 brokendown ipads sent to me by my cousin from dubai. lolz

  6. Even demons can do dis. So Y doubt weda God can? I had a similar experience wit my laptop bak in 2003. So I beliv d testimony.

  7. The miracle may be technically impossible, it is not spiritually impossible; for with God, all things are possible.

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