Pregnant Tiwa Savage Can’t Wait To Deliver Baby, Says Pregnancy Is Painful

June 29, 2015 – Pregnant Tiwa Savage Can’t Wait To Deliver Baby, Says Pregnancy Is Painful

Nigerian artiste Tiwa Savage currently in the United Kingdom to deliver her first child has started lamenting about the pains she is having now in the last leg of her pregnancy.

She took to IG yesterday to tell fans how a part of her wants the baby to come out due to the physical strain of pregnancy.

In her words:

“The very last part of pregnancy can be very emotional … A part of you just wants the baby out because of the physical strain it has over your whole body but a part of you will miss those precious private moments that only you and your baby share…moments when your baby kicks or moves and only both of you experience it, when you feel hiccups or when you know when baby is sleeping or awake…this is the most spiritual, emotional, physical journey I have ever been through and I will miss getting away with so much lol especially with hubby, like him getting me food in the middle of the night, helping me put my shoe on, comforting me while I’m crying over silly things like its raining outside or because I feel unattractive. Sorry @teebillz323 soon be over I am so blessed. God has been faithful to me…#takeyourtimebaby #getashealthyaspossibleinthere #mummyanddaddyloveyou #stillpregnant #iwalklikeapenguinnow #waitingpatientlytomeetyou ”

Every mother can relate to her feeling.

Wishing her safe delivery.