‘President’ Ayo Fayose Returns From China [PHOTOS]

president ayo fayose

April 24, 2016 – ‘President’ Ayo Fayose Returns From China [PICTURES]

Nigeria’s most controversial Governor, Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State who has dedicated his time in office to work as Buhari’s critic instead of catering to the needs of his people just returned from China.

Fayose travelled to China recently to counter Buhari’s effort to secure loan for Nigeria.

He arrived Lagos this afternoon in an OYO manner. He was basically on his own as most people just look at him as alien due to his excessive anti-Nigeria activities.

Check him out…

15 thoughts on “‘President’ Ayo Fayose Returns From China [PHOTOS]

  1. ************* Nigerians have been fooled enough all the loans Nigeria has been taken what have they used it for… *****.. He should counter him…. ****S GOING TO BORROW MONEY FOR WHAT? Who ask you to go and borrow… this aboki man should be careful.

  2. I may not totally agree with Fayose’s outspokenness. But voicing out against that loan is a very reasonable thing to do. Nigeria does not need that.
    Abeg welcome, Fayose!

  3. Welcome back Fayose,people may not like you but some of us know that you are saying the bitter truth,the truth shall prevail one day,continue to fire the aboki goverment,the man has nothing to offer Nigeria good citizen.Fire then wella

  4. if u dont like fayose i love him,fayose is only politician dat can speak d mind of d masses dat dont have to say,bcus since buhari bcame president he has been remoting other politicians like toy,and been acting as lord of naija and dont obey d rule of law stil nobody cares,thank God for fayose and nnadi kanu who can stand bord and say d truth with no fear.buhari went to collect loan frm chiness government to do wat? to buy more cow and Ak47 to give fulani herdsmen to cause more havoc in d country abi? all d money u recovered since u r fighting corruption and one u get when u was d head of evry ministry in nigeria where is it?

  5. Fayose man of the people. Welcome back home hope u succeeded in what you went to do. we keep deceiving ourself leaving ur state to counter what has be approved.

  6. He is not in any way anti-nigerian..
    D anti-nigerian here re all those cameleon out there who re always blinded and z always against any move dat someone makes 4 d betterment of d country.
    D country don’t need any damn f***ing loan now!.
    Welcome fayoye..my man wey sabi

  7. Abeg let leave d man joor,at least he speaks d truth,let him counter dat loan joor,afterall wat r dey doin wit d money,buying landcruiser jeeps up and down for d so called ogassssss at d top…..smshweshhhhhh.we need outspoken people like dis in dis Nigeria,if Gani was alive he wud have done the same(God bless his soul).

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