President Buhari Shuns Death Rumour, Shares Vacation Photos From London UK


president buhari death rumour

January 23, 2017 – President Buhari Shuns Death Rumour, Shares Vacation Photos From London UK

The web went agog with the report of Buhari’s death yesterday but the tension generated by the rumour was quenched when his adviser debunked it.

President Buhari’s aide just shared photos of the President¬†watching TV while chatting on the phone with VP Osinbajo.

PMB who is currently on a 10-day vacation to the UK is said to be hale and hearty contrary to the terminal illness rumour his critics circulated on the social media yesterday.

13 thoughts on “President Buhari Shuns Death Rumour, Shares Vacation Photos From London UK

  1. I heard the rumor too that Buhari is dead but I refused to believe it because it is unsubstantiated report that is not coming directly from the presidency. This troubling report and the level of jubilant among many Nigerians that heard this fake rumor shows the level of unsatisfaction about the way and manner the current administration is running our economy. Even many who professed to be prophets and pastors but in actual fact are occults, did not spare this man of doom’s day to his life in this year 2017. I just hope he sees this reactions from Nigerians as a sign of their displeasure over his Government and as a wake up call that he should work diligently to revamp our prostrate economy.

  2. IF THE MEDIA went agog just for a mere death rumour of the President, it therefore means he is not loved even by his own people.

    TO BE HONEST, no people would really love a so called leader in whose regime the people has witness the worst economy in the his history of the country, leading to hunger, hardship, poverty, insecurity, lawless killings, gross injustice, unemployment, inflation, attempts to islamized the people etc…

    I take a stroll…

    • dat pic was on sunday cos i watch the interview of Femi dat the president is watchin, same day Fayose was interview.

  3. Who is fooling who? Since Buhari assumed office, there has been voracious, senseless, ravenous, rapacious, barbaric show of shameless abuse of democratic powers and shading of innocent bloods.
    There has been extreme show of cowardice, tyranny ,stupendous and timid suppression, subjugation and sectionalism, ethnic and economic terror and blunders. He knows that Nigeria is a multi-religious country before assumption office but has continued to promote and condone selfish religious intolerance by openly supporting islamisation of Nigeria notwithstanding popular opinions, examples of such abuses exist even in his own domains.Is this an attribute of a national leader? He visits and revisits every peaceful protest with ethnic extra judicial killings, serious incivility,and, deliberately preparing and instigating another civil war in Nigeria. In fact this regime will go down in history as the most clueless and terrorizing government Nigeria has ever had.
    Instead of staying in Nigeria to address burning national issues ran away to enjoy the peace and serenity of a foreign country. This is most shameful to say the least.

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