Photos: Nigerian Soldiers Beat Muscular Guy For 2 Hours For Dressing Like A Cultist


soldiers beat muscular guy 2 hours

January 23, 2017 – Pictures: Nigerian Soldiers Beat Muscular Guy For 2 Hours For Dressing Like A Cultist In Obalende Lagos

Meet Olajide Nathan, a young man beaten to stupor last night by OP MENSA soldiers for allegedly wearing a red harmless shirt and a track trouser.

Nathan said the soldiers asked him if he build up to intimidate soldiers but he told them he loves to keep fit and enjoys doing it.

While explaining himself, one of the soldiers slapped him while others whipped him for almost two hours.

According to him the brutality happened around 9:30pm last night in Obalende Lagos.

soldier beat man dressing like cultist

His words:

How is it a crime to be muscular… Chai!!! This is too much o.

20 thoughts on “Photos: Nigerian Soldiers Beat Muscular Guy For 2 Hours For Dressing Like A Cultist

  1. THERE IS A PROVERB THAT SAYS,DRESS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE ADDRESSED. that was what happened to the guy. #NoApollogy. #lessonForAll. who like to dress any how.

  2. This is an outright assault not just to this guy but to his right as human to wear a cloth of his desire. I just wonder if Nigeria has now gotten a dressing code for men. What the hell ! I mean what is wrong with the way this guy dressed to justify this senseless brutality? What is wrong with dressing A RED HARMLESS SHIRT AND A TRACK TROUSER? This is nothing but a gross infringement on human right. If the soldiers are interested in building their muscle,why can’t they ask how this guy did it so they could hit the gim and build theirs. Sometimes Nigerian soldiers are intoxicated with the pride of been on uniform whenever they are on the streets to intimidate others and violate people’s right. They tend to be out of control whenever they are on their ZOMBI uniform. Soldiers are forces that do maintain high level of discipline. For this reason, I strongly believe this despicable act of violent action by this soldiers against this guy if reported to their administration in the barracks where they serve,could lead to some level of discipline on their part. This is pure madness from this soldiers. They’ve gone out of control perhaps because of the heavy marijuana they’ve smoked. Idiot set of soldiers !

  3. We have the right to dress as a citizen of Nigeria, soldiers should not use their uniform to intimidate civilians.

  4. @James Brown i pray same happen to you,how could you be this called that anyhow dress bcos he wants to keep fit,pls james you need a cool shower.

  5. the guy might have done something wrong or insult the soldiers in one way or the other, but one thing i know for sure is that the soldier wont because of his muscular and beat him up like this, soldiers are not fools

  6. James brown, you av said it all. I hope female soldiers won’t get intimidated by the sight of bursty ladies?

  7. this is nonse, they did not see any xbit on him, yet they totured him like a crimal. stupid bunch of soldiers.

  8. I trust Nigerian Soldier,they are well disciplined,they cant just brutalize the guy for no reason,their must be something behind this brutalization,get your fact right

  9. this is total intimidation and it must be stop, Nigerian soldiers are taken much they can chew. I mean someone should let them know that there are still more bokoharam to deal with and not innocent Nigerians.

  10. These stupid guys should be arrested and sent to Sambisa Forest to go and beat Boko Haram Lazy idiots beaten innocent person for no reason.

  11. These stupid guys should be arrested and sent to Sambisa Forest to go and beat Boko Haram. Lazy idiots, beaten innocent person for no reason.

  12. There is no justification of beating this guy blue black. For those of you commenters who supported the Army for beating this guy like this may you suffer the same faith in the hands of Op Messa or whatever you called them. That guy will never misbehave because he realized he was in their territory. Even if he has offended them, the most appropriate thing is to hand him over to Nigeria police for discipline.

    The Countries with strongest Army never used their soldiers to intimidate their citizens. Europeans or American soldiers will never bully their citizens because they have their uniform on. They perform their duty in accordance with law. They are just war soldiers nothing more.

    Our foolish soldiers just want to take that pride because they put on Zombie uniform and like to see Nigerians looking upon them as bully. It is time to stop these nonsense. We are not in 60’s or pre- independence. If the White folks who brought this idea can control their soldiers why do we Africans think we can use the same soldiers to inflict injury among ourselves? that is why we cannot govern ourselves because of our behavior which is a replica of Mammal.

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