Prezzo Divorced! “He’s Violent & Uses Drugs” – Ex-Wife Alleges

prezzo divorced

June 9, 2013 – Prezzo’s Marriage Ends In Divorce – “He’s Violent & Uses Drugs” – Ex-Wife Alleges

Former BBA star and Kenyan rapper Jackson Ngechu Makini popularly called Prezzo has ended his marriage of few years in divorce.

The divorce application filed by his wife last year has been approved at a Nairobi High Court.

The judge has ordered Prezzo to pay monthly child support fee of Sh50,000 for their child’s up keeping.

Prezzo and child.

Prezzo married his wife, Daisy in December 2008 and in November 2011, the couple separated prompting his wife to file for divorce on ground of assault and infidelity.

He drinks heavily and consumes narcotic drugs almost on a daily basis after which he subjects me to verbal and physical abuse she”  – his now ex-wife said in a recent interview

6 thoughts on “Prezzo Divorced! “He’s Violent & Uses Drugs” – Ex-Wife Alleges

  1. Men and women, be careful. All that glitters is not gold. Most times pple know that the person they involve themselves with is not marriage material but they go on because of beauty, wealth and sometimes, pressure; only to cry faul latter. I dont pity you bcos you know who he is b4 you went in. God does not recognise divorce. Except you remain single afterwards and live a chaste life. God bless His people.Amen.

  2. look at there mouth for prezzo he is damn ugly and inturn he wont do something good the wife should go for someone else i think thats better cause no girl want to live rest of their lives with a man who smokes at lot drinks alot helll noooo i dont want that

  3. Is that the best way to bring your husband to Order by bringing him out in the public,every good woman stay with their husband and make things change with prayers and obedience. WOMAN

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