Prophecy On Jonathan: Ejike Mbaka Is A True Prophet Of God – Catholic Faithful


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March 31, 2015 – Catholic Faithful Hails Rev Ejike Mbaka For Speaking Up Against Jonathan

Prophecy On Jonathan: Ejike Mbaka Is The Only Prophet In Nigeria That The True Spirit Of God – Catholic Faithful

Mbaka Mbaka Mbaka how many times did I call him? Believe it or not Mbaka is the only Prophet in Nigeria that has the spirit of God.

He is the only Man of God in this Country that stands with the truth in the presence of masses who always betray him.

Nigerians rain abuse and curses on him while some said a prophet should not be political.

Let me make it clear, if your pastor,reverend father or bishop could not speak up when things are going wrong in the society, who will ?

We can’t trust politician yet we can’t support those protecting us against bad governance.

Mbaka Mbaka you not a politician neither do you have private jet to run around Nigeria for connection but you have the spirit of God.

From today, your name is TRUTH.

Written by Izu George.