Public Safety Precautions Against Boko Haram Attacks

safety precautions  boko haram

July 13, 2014 – Public Safety Precautions Against Boko Haram Attacks

1) Alert Security Agent sor Dial National Emergency Number 112 (toll free),081-3-2222-105,081-3-2222-106,0813-2222-107,081-3-2222-108,081-3-2222-109 (not toll free) whenever you spot any clear sign of unusual activities on the internet;your community;school & working environment. For instance-individuals and forum exploiting vulnerable people for radical ideology,propaganda or extremist purpose;presence of unknown person or occupied vehicles loitering for an extended period of time; suspicious abandoned vehicles, packages, or containers. And if possible, keep unnoticed & viewing distance from it for proper report.

2) Always exercise high degree of personal security awareness:

  • In motor parks & public transports by reporting unattended bags,suspicious person & vehicles to security officer.
  • In office and shopping complex, hotels,church, mosque,parks &other crowded areas by keep an eye out to report suspicious person wearing heavy clothing;carrying bag or backpack & sweating or giving sign of whispering to someone in unusual circumstances; moving around or seating with suspicious items around you or waste bin.

3) If you hear sound like bomb explosion, first get down or find a cover for stabilization & flying debris before you run away as this will greatly reduce your chance of getting hurt if it is a bomb explosion.
4) You may join the rescue team to save lives at explosion scene but do not- touch objects; run around in a crowd or be a spectator, as it may be what perpetrator of the explosion wants you to do for his secondary explosion.
5) If you are on fire, don’t run around instead, extinguish it by rolling on the ground or use heavy clothing to suppress it.

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