Queeneth Agbor To Nollywood Ladies: Stop Bleaching Your Skin, You Will Suffer..

nollywood skin bleachers

August 20, 2016 – Queeneth Agbor To Nollywood Actresses:Stop Bleaching Your Skin, You Will Suffer The Complications Alone

Fast rising actress Queeneth Agbor who joined Nollywood back in 2008 has called on those bleaching their skin to put an end to it.

Here is Miss Agbor’s piece of advice for colleagues indulging in damaging skin-bleaching procedures.

Some of them are bleaching to build their confidence. People, however, should be comfortable in their skin, some people have inferiority complex which makes them feel it’s only the fair people who are doing well. What rocks one’s boat might sink mine, so it’s up to people to do what they want, at the end of the day, you will suffer the complications alone.

7 thoughts on “Queeneth Agbor To Nollywood Ladies: Stop Bleaching Your Skin, You Will Suffer..

  1. See who is talking, pot calling kettle black. Brainless woman, what about you? If you were born with light skin and you did not touch skin with bleaching cream, you should have gone darker than this. Foolish woman, mmchewwww.

  2. Nice one dearie, just hope your intentions about this sudden update are right nd not just doing it for d purpose of getting noticed.

  3. Ah, ah! Why are you wasting your time asking them to stop bleaching their skin. Leave them, they want to tell God that He didn’t create them well.

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