Ramadan Iftar: Buhari Invites Abuja Chief Imams To Aso Rock For Dinner [PHOTOS]

ramadan iftar abuja

June 29, 2016 – Ramadan Iftar: Buhari Invites Abuja Chief Imams To Aso Rock For Dinner [PICTURES]

Mr President invited top Abuja Chief Imams to Aso Rock yesterday for a special dinner.

Buhari broke his Ramadan fast with the important personalities yesterday.

He reportedly implored them to preach peace to their followers and to remember Nigeria in their prayers during this Holy period of Ramadan.

buhari dinner chief imams aso rock

[Photo credit: Sunday Aghaeze]

13 thoughts on “Ramadan Iftar: Buhari Invites Abuja Chief Imams To Aso Rock For Dinner [PHOTOS]

  1. Would the President also extend the same gesture to the Christian body during the Lent period.He has to maintain a balance.

    • He already did, he has hosted many known Christian bodies to Aso Rock Villa just of recent. Why did you guys think that is a taboo for him to host Muslim clerics in the month of Ramadan to the Villa as a practicing Muslim himself? Enough of all these religious intolerance or stupidity and evil tribalism that is of the devil. Anyone who hates is not of Christ because our God is full of love and compassion. The way and manner some religion fanatic critic of other people and their religion shows that you are not different from them. Shikenah!

      • @Omokehinde well said! it always amazes me when i read some of the comments on this forum; some people just don’t get it that it is only by peaceful coexistence can Nigeria move forward and compete in the world as we know it today. nothing can be achieved with all the antagonism base on religion or tribal or political persuasions.Religious believe is personal. Majority of stable countries have removed religion from the political spheres as they known the implication of doing otherwise, Only recently a Muslim was elected London mayor not for his religion but for his projected vision for the capital.what does that tell us? It is said ESHIN IWAJU NI TEYIN NWO SARE , let us emulate that which is good; i bet some people have not seen or experience catastrophe in real live,may be they think its Hollywood,Maybe they should ask people of Libya and Liberia and Congo.somehow i feel a sense of rivalry from some commenters due to constant antagonistic posturing in response to your submissions; instead of putting forward a cogent reply they resort to irrelevant issues and innuendos, it is sad that some people have lost ability to articulate. Anyway keep strong and in focus. Enlightenment and Peace!

        “I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.”
        ― Martin Luther King Jr.

  2. @Omokehinde!always apply wisdom before making comments.It is the President of the country we are talking about here,he is the President of all irrespective of anyone’s religious affiliation.Go through the comments before yours first and show me any comment of ****.********.Please be careful with your choice and you of words,youre not talking to *****.I don’t want display ******like you, so I’ll allow you go this time.

  3. @Omokehinde! with what you displayed here, one is left with no option than to conclude that you eat and breath through the APC.Maybe your entire livelihood is from the APC,is that the reason why others should not be entitled to their opinion even if it’s in the contrary?please take some caution and throw your anger on yourself while you eat your crumb of bread in the APC while it last.Honestly,i decided to be calm, and don’t want to display the same ****** like yours,otherwise,i would have hit you so hard today.If you don’t have any ******

  4. must he host imams and politicians to dinner…can’t he just break his fast with his fammily.

  5. @nelson many thanks, sometimes u hardly identify the inteligent ones in this country, when it comes to first religion,tribal,related matters, bc every other things consonants to iether side. may God pls save us.

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