Re: Yoruba People Are Ungrateful: “Ahmadu Ali Suffering From Oral Diarrhoea” – Fasheun

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March 20, 2013 – Re: Yoruba People Are Ungrateful – Ahmadu Ali Suffering From Oral Diarrhoea – Fasheun

The founder of the Oodua People’s Congress (OPC), Dr. Frederick Fasehun, has carpeted the former National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Dr. Ahmadu Ali, for describing Yoruba people as ungrateful.

Dismissing Ali’s statement as a symptom of “verbal diarrhoea,” Fasehun said it proved that the former Education Minister, whose mishandling of a students’ crisis led to the death of several youths in 1978, was as insensitive, reckless and narcissistic as ever.

According to him, it was foolhardy for Ali to sweepingly insult world-class Yoruba dignitaries whose shoe latchet he could not untie.

Fasehun said: “There are some leaders, who had accidentally found themselves in positions in our national life, but their poor performance made them materials that Nigerians would rather prefer to abandon on the rubbish dump of ignominy. Retired Colonel Ahmadu Ali is one such character.

Who can forget his inglorious role as Minister of Education in the 1978 ALI MUST GO saga that resulted in the death of over 10 university students nationwide?

“Ahmadu Ali is trouble and President Goodluck Jonathan should keep such a man with doubtful integrity miles away if His Excellency wants this regime to enter the good books of Nigerians.

Ali may choose to cringe for presidential favours but not at the expense of the Yoruba people. Ali’s quest for relevance, through castigating the entire Yoruba nationality, is misguided, mischievous and suicidal.”

Fasehun advised Ali to face squarely the task of delivering his son, Mamman Nasir Ali, who currently faces prosecution by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for a N4.4 billion petroleum subsidy scam.

His words: “He who is incapable of putting his house in order should forget about putting the nation in order. Ahmadu Ali should first put his house in order before claiming any moral high ground against the entire Yoruba race.”

Fasehun, who is in the vanguard for redressing the marginalisation of South-West by the Jonathan administration, warned that the likes of Ali will only further alienate the ruling PDP in the South-West.

“The Yoruba people now know some of these characters involved in giving ungodly advice to the powers that be to marginalise our people. Payback time is just around the corner.

“When a flea perches on an elephant and the elephant fails to shake off the pest, the flea begins to assume an illusion of importance. This is why I find it necessary to respond to Ali’s flippancy and verbal diarrhoea,” he said.

[Report by Ayo Esan, National Mirror]

9 thoughts on “Re: Yoruba People Are Ungrateful: “Ahmadu Ali Suffering From Oral Diarrhoea” – Fasheun

  1. Long live OPC and Long live my Yoruba people, 1 love and peace amoung us Omo Oduduwa,let enemy die in sleep.

  2. Alli is an animal, if u have a close look at him u will know that there is no difference between him and animals.

  3. Yoruba are so tribalistic that it is engraved on their faces as tribal marks. The yorubas should be grateful to Abdusalami for bringing out Obj from prison to become president. Why are they complaining?

  4. Yoruba people are very ungrateful. They will use you if you give them a chance. You will help them and they will turn their backs on you. They forget quite easily. I know because most of my associates are Yoruba. They are very cunning.

  5. Sheddy, you lack adequate knowledge about the great YORUBA people. I dont know where you are from, but i strongly beleive you are among the ignorants.

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