Read What Donald Trump Told People Magazine In 1998 About The Republican Party

what donald trump told people magazine in 1998

July 22, 2016 – Read What Donald Trump Told People Magazine In 1998 About The Republican Party

Check out this viral quotes by The Republican party Presidential candidate Donald J Trump.

He reportedly said this during an exclusive chat with People Magazine back in 1998.

The smart businessman will soon give a rational explanation for this inappropriate quote just like he did when the media exposed his wife Slovenian wife Melania Trump for plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s 2008 speech.

14 thoughts on “Read What Donald Trump Told People Magazine In 1998 About The Republican Party

  1. Hahahahahaha. Naijagists no go kill perzon. I just listened to his 2 hrs long speech which means he lied to them Americans tonight. FANTASTIC!

  2. You won’t win you wicked liar. Can you imagine this idiot asking police to chase out black students from his rally. Ted cruz did not endorse you two days ago meaning you are not going to win. Racist trump.

  3. Choi choi choi! Who let this smelly cat out of the bag? The mess you mess since 1998 don start to smell today. Nawa o.

    We have a Nigerian version of Trump in Atiku Abubakar who, in 2011, after he had left PDP and maligned them in front of the whole world, still came back to the party to contest against GEJ for the primaries. I need not add that he lost eventually, just like this Trump is sure to lose.

    Ungaurded words ain’t wisdom. Even when you have left your employer, it is always recommended to say nice and courteous things about them. You never can tell tomorrow.

  4. Trump’s family are bunch of liers… he is not worthy of being voted for… “he never knew that his past will catch up with him”

  5. That the political opponents have not yet unveiled that comment to the public could well be their “trump card” during the main campaign so the public would know what theRepublican nominee actually thinks of his party and party supporters.
    Na wa for the man!!!

  6. The way I see Trump going, he is to be crowned the next president. He is controversial no doubt. He has successfully withered every storm on his way. The average American want to feel proud and on top of the world and this is the man that will likely make them. His money and his ability to scale through controversy will equal the executive padding Clinton is enjoying. Though not my preferred but back to back succession history statistic favors him

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